Worshippers of the riff, behold!

Once-doomed, eternally-stoned Minnesotan trio Let It Breathe is ready to bring their self-titled LP from its fuzzy, small town beginnings to the metal-loving masses of the world.  Read on...

College roommates Randy Geraghty and Jason Knudson spent the majority of the 90s bashing around in a punk band, but it wasn't until Rob Rushing moved in from the deserts of Arizona that that the trio discovered their simmering, slow-riding sound.

However, life and an extended fishing excursion kept the three apart, and only recently did they reunite back in Minnesota to conjure up the massive, fuzzed out jams again. 

Fortunately, those smooth and weighty grooves came naturally back to the old friends, and Let it Breathewas (re)born.

Let It Breathe’s 7-track debut offering rumbles with stoney heft and washes of easygoing melody.  Emphatic vocals soar and coast over exuberant drums and tasteful leads, always first and foremost bringing the riffs.

The cavernous sound resonates deep and grooves hard, and those who dig everything from Howling Giant to The Heavy Eyes to Telekinetic Yeti are sure to trip out to this epic LP.

What these small-town Minnesotans create is definitely no small sound.  Their larger vision?  If the riffs work, the riffs work.  No method, minimal madness, and a name that describes both their writing mantra and the perfect suggestion of how this album should be enjoyed… lay back, turn it up, and let it breathe.

Let it Breathe's debut LP is set for release on April 27 via STB Records. 

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