Updated: Apr 24, 2018

...some call it stoner, some call it groove. I call it awesome!  Fu Manchu is unleashing another batch of songs, well, 7 songs to be precise and clocking at 37 minutes in full and 18 of those minutes in one song alone.  Don't be fooled as Fu Manchu never strays far from the beaten path.

Clone Of The Universe opens with the title track and followed quickly by  Don't Panic and both sound like they could have emerged from an earlier release such as King Of The Road while the 3rd track, (I've Been) Hexed, could have been a leftover from The Action Is Go.  All three songs are catchy and groovy and display the better sides of Fu Manchu.  While the 4th song, the 18-minute epic track Il Mostro Atomico could have been better placed at the end of the album as an 18-minute track in the middle might lose the listener especially when the following track, Slower Than Light is slower than you can image with that song track.  Sad to say, the follow up number, Nowhere Left To Hide keeps the pace slow as well until we finish with the ultra-groove of Intelligent Worship.  The running order of this CD is what I believe what holds it back from being 5\M/.

While this will wet the whistle of the diehard fan, it's going to take more than just putting an album out to attract new fans.  The old school fans are the ones that will need to muscle through the slow middle section of the album to understand it.  While I dig the band and appreciate all they have to offer; they are going to keep writing the albums they want to make which is admirable.  12 albums in 23 years is an accomplishment as that's more than Metallica has put out.  

4 🤘🤘🤘🤘




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