Vigil of War, 222 and more Whisky A GO-GO Hollywood, Ca

Sun Feb 25, 2018

Third evening in seven days, ending on a Sunday…. Wait… Sunday night at the Whisky A Go Go, yes the first and doubt the last headlining opportunity for Hollywood’s Vigil of War. Let it be known, I had no idea what to expect. I chose not to listen or research and of the bands prior to attending the show, waiting to see the turn out and to hear without any bias. Did I have a favorite? Probably…

The evening began with the three-piece outfit Street Lynx fronted by the bass player and her band mates on lead and drums. It is uncomfortable sometimes to remember what it was like to be new or just, maybe, unpolished despite having numerous shows under your belt. The energy that the guitarist and drummer displayed will hopefully be felt within the bass playing song performance as time goes on. Look forward to hearing what happens with this band.

Next up was the thoroughly entertaining, un-definable, (yet here I try) Electro/80’s/90’s/Disco/Rock-a-Billy quartet 222. I had no idea what I was about to be introduced to. All I saw was the abundance of guitars on stage between both the singers/guitarists; notice how did not say too many… Immediately upon seeing the band take a moment for a sage cleansing, the informed and uninformed knew this was not going to be your average show. The songs were as eclectic as their guitar collection, no problem here!!! Sharing vocal lead duties the guitarists both showed they had command of their voices and guitar abilities. It was clear they had a lot of experience playing live. Their ability to switch between instruments was almost a non-factor in the pace of their live show.

The rhythm section made up by two equally talented musicians held the vibe of the show together…

The bass player held down the groove, while the drummer; animated as I have seen any drummer in some time never missed a beat. Neither tried to over play each other, but just kept it all humming along like seasoned rhythm should.

The songs were a mixture of the above-mentioned eras to be sure; you could no doubt hear their influences as well as their look on stage. 222 knew what to do, to ready the crowd for the headliners, as a main support act should!!! This is a band that will need to be followed closely for sure.

For me the final act of the night were the ready to rock headliners Vigil of War, who in this case played third… The powerful four piece performed their power-punked up “Sunset Strip Sleaze” in the vein of pass Hollywood heavyweights like LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, etc. etc. and of course the darlings of that era; Guns N’ Roses.

While they were entertaining and performed their craft well, what was missing was the raw authenticity of that era, which in MANY cases I am more than stoked about, however as much as I enjoyed the band, the musicians, and the visual vibe, it came off just as a look.

Since, the release of their single Bite the Bullet, half the band has been replaced, which happens all the time (Cannot lie, do not know the reason for the lineup change). The guitar tone was there; a la Tracii Guns, the Joan Jett attitude in the way, Alicia’s vocal lines were delivered was well noted and thoroughly appreciated.

Putting all presumptions and comparisons aside, I would dig seeing these four (or any variation of the four) play again. I presume two of the members are firmly solidified and are not going anywhere. The current lead guitar and drummer kicked arse and it sounded as if they have been in the band since the inception. Alicia and her “sometime” bass playing counterpart were solid and played their instruments as well as they sang their parts.

It is clear why this band earned their headlining spot, which don’t come easy at the Whisky. It is clear they have honed their skills on and off the stage, in order to come across as clean and in your face as they did. It does help to double up on your stage time, as I learned by the appearance of Ms Nita Strauss, which was no accident. Alicia and Nita are/were sometimes band mates… Not a bad axe-slinger for sure to practice your craft with on stage!

Over all a great way to spend a normally mundane Sunday evening… Entertained from the moment the music started until the moment I left, which I mentioned sadly enough I missed the final band. The “opening” slot is generally the fourth slot at these types of shows and for the most part hard to stay for. I hope to catch them all, especially 222 and Vigil of War another time very soon.

The evening was a 🤘🤘🤘🤘+ kinda night. 5/5/3, again the math does not lie…

I learned a lesson that night, but in the end it was worth it…

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