Unleash Last Album Trailer + Vignette Out Now!

"This is certainly the debut album of the year!” ROCK TRIBUNE (B)

"Vignette is a hell of an introduction. LETTERS FROM THE COLONY have successfully tapped into that Meshuggah formula, made a few cheeky tweaks here and there and created something to call theirs. The melodicism is a joy to hear and adequately adds an emotional heft to the already-beefy chunks of riffs they peddle – it exemplifies their mastery of songwriting, and gives them their own voice." METAL WANI (INT), Lee Carter

"What an album cover, what a band and what a beast of an album! None of the pieces in this puzzle should fit, but they do so amazingly well. Do not miss on this album!" LORDS OF METAL (B), Job GM

The day has finally come - LETTERS FROM THE COLONY's debut album Vignette will crush the music scene with the ordered chaos of their progressive extreme metal. The young Swedes have worked hard not to compromise their vision and in doing so, enlisted Jens Bogren to master this triumphant full-length debut. In addition, the band have received a nod from likes of Peter Tägtgren and highly acclaimed musicians from Cradle Of FilthThe Haunted and Scar Symmetry.

During this year's 70.000 Tons Of Metal CruiseLETTERS FROM THE COLONY celebrated the upcoming release of their new album at the beach and in the jacuzzi - so take a deep breath and dive into this 'out now!'-trailer that also includes an unpackaging clip of their vinyl LP available today: http://nblast.de/LFTCplaylist

The band will play a sold-out release show at Stoppsmäll in Falun this evening with support coming from OCTOBER TIDE and ANTARKTIS. A performance at Gamrocken Festival in May has also been confirmed, more shows will be announced soon!

Vignette is now available for pre-order in various formats, here: nblast.de/LFTCVignette

Check out the album track listing below: 01. Galax (8:20) 02. Erasing Contrast (4:49) 03. The Final Warning (5:57) 04. This Creature Will Haunt Us Forever (1:38) 05. Cataclysm (4:59) 06. Terminus (6:53) 07. Glass Palaces (6:37) 08. Sunwise (4:14) 09. Vignette (12:12)

LETTERS FROM THE COLONY build upon the intersection between perfection and ordered chaos; the unbridled joy of experimentation and virtuosic instrument mastery and create their new niche compartment of technically challenging extreme metal. They deliver highly complex songs full of unbound aggression and progressive structures in the vein of MESHUGGAH, OPETH or GOJIRA and also do not shy away from playing saxophone with a guitar or sampling the call of a deer into a track!

LETTERS FROM THE COLONY are: Alexander Backlund - Vocals Sebastian Svalland - Guitar Johan Jönsegård - Guitar Emil Östberg - Bass Jonas Sköld - Drums

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