George Lynch, Corey Glover, Pancho Tomaselli, and Chris More = ULTRAPHONIX

The strongest bonds remain unspoken.

Ultraphonix relies on such a union between its all-star cast, namely iconic vocalist Corey Glover (Living Colour), virtuosic guitar legend George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), bass impresario Pancho Tomaselli (War, Philm), and drum titan Chris Moore (Project NfidelikAh). This bond sits at the heart of the band’s full-length debut, Original Human Music. Straining soulful blues through proficiently tight hard rock soundscapes, these twelve songs illuminate the collective prowess naturally and quietly unlocked by the quartet.

“It’s a hybrid cross between heavy metal, jazz, and progressive,” exclaims Lynch. “At his core, Corey is a bluesy, gospel R&B singer. At my core, I’m a blues guitarist. I have residual influences from deep R&B. That’s where we identify. Those roots run parallel, but nobody ever came out and said it. We didn’t need to. The four of us just got in a room and jammed. We did exactly what we wanted.”

“It’s a stream-of-conscious thing,” concurs Glover. “It’s rooted in the blues with a little funk and some psychedelic thrown in for good measure. This is truly a collaborative effort. Everybody brought something of his own to the table. We mixed it all together, and it became Original Human Music.”

The album title proved apropos.

“OHM is the acronym for Original Human Music,” Lynch elaborates. “OHM is the music of the sphere and the frequency that resonates through life and ties to the commonality of everything in existence. It’s so primal and primitive, but it describes where we all come from.”

“We are all in search of the truth,” Glover goes on. “We are all searching for the answers. Music can take you where you want to go. We’re all in this journey together.” That unity shines through the first single “Walk Run Crawl.” A barrage of muscular guitars propels an arena-ready groove before snapping into the fist-pumping chorus, “Walk, run, then crawl.” Glover’s pipes overpower with the same scorching soul of Lynch’s lead. “Baptism” subsides into a revival-worthy chant awash in emotion. Then, there’s “Take A Stand,” which does just that alive and aloud.

“These are all songs of introspection,” adds the frontman. “They are about taking the outside world and reflecting on how it affects you.”

In the end, Ultraphonix don’t have to say a word; just play… “First off, when you listen to this, I hope you take away really good music,” smiles Glover. “You’ll hear top notch musicianship and an interesting mix of genres.” “We want to spread empathy,” Lynch leaves off. “That’s the messaging. The best way for us to do so is through music.”

With their sensational debut album Original Human Music, co-produced by Bob Daspit (Sammy Hagar), Ultraphonix paints a picture of a band still believing that social consciousness could be celebrated through great rock songs. The album will hit the stores on August 3rd, 2018, and is available to pre-order now: https://ultraphonix.lnk.to/OriginalHumanMusicPR https://www.facebook.com/Ultraphonix/ www.ear-music.net www.facebook.com/earMUSICofficial www.youtube.com/earMUSICofficial

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