Ultimate Jam Night – Pride NITE #noJoke Whisky A GO-GO

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Hollywood, Ca TuesDAY June 5, 2018

The ULTIMATE JAM NIGHT #156 or as it was deemed Ultimate Pride Night flag as been flown… It was one for the books… West Hollywood and all it’s fabulousness came out and rocked The Whisky A Go Go with style!

An evening dedicated to a special night of support for the LGBTQ community and against bullying! Maybe reading this you too can help us raise funds for THE TREVOR PROJECT, an LGBTQ national crisis intervention association. Help eliminate social intolerance that leads to bullying!

The Band Betty Blowtorch opened the evening and wowed the excited crowd for a very special appearance. There were more than a few disappointed visitors that showed up just a bit too late.

Let’s not kid ourselves in the early 90’s the idea that one of Heavy Metal’s masters could have been anything but… Oh you get where I’m going… It was different time; society is much different now… It is not yet “perfect,” however it eventually made no difference. Rob Halford the guitar-screeching vocalist of the mighty Judas Priest, helped lay the groundwork for acceptance of diversity in the realm of metal. Today, metal heads come in every make model and… hair length, like Halford himself! He meant it when he growled out “You Got Another Thing Coming!” The house band raged through this and a Paulie Z original “Being Different.”

The rest of the evening was filled with musicians from all walks covering bands and songs that moved the community into mass acceptance. Hits such as Sia’s Alive, Beautiful performed by the mighty Xtina, yet written by 4 Non Blonds front woman Linda Perry, and of course how about the arena packing cross generational Queen and their hit Tie Your Mother Down.

That was just the beginning of a night that continued with… This 1970 hit Lola, which may or may not have been a very open song about Dave Davies experience in free lov’n. Ultimate Jam Night’s very own Dug Pinnick, never said he was anything, yet eventually it came out that Dug was in fact gay and began his own journey questioning his belief system, with the fan favorite Over My Head.

The next song was one of MTV’s biggest hits, Epic, by Faith No More, who’s keyboardist was openly gay. On a side note, I sat with Roddy on a plane flight from Burbank to SFO… A very cool cat; mind you and a very knowledgeable musician. Immediately after the house head banged we were mellowed out with Stay and then immediately hit our new wave stride with the original version of the 80’s hit the Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams.

GAYC/DC strutted their, almost too visual, stuff on stage and rocked the freak’n house with their lyrically colorful AC/DC interpretations of some of the bands biggest hits. The entire band killed it, but their drummer crushed it keeping that back beat rhythm going from beginning to end of their set.

Up next was Andrew Cole’s ColorblindThe Trevor Project was one of the main focal points of the evening. While the night’s focus was on Pride… It also was about the abolishing of bullying which people of all colors, race, social status, etc experience. Andrew remained on stage to perform another artist who never denied, yet never said he wasn’t gay… Michael Stipe of R.E.M. and their massive break out hit Losing My Religion.

Pride Night without multiple Queen songs would just be unacceptable… Probably the most iconic song of the past three decades is Bohemian Rhapsody, an epic six plus minute song that has proven to be and most probably will continue to be a favorite amongst the Western World for decades to come. It was expertly covered on this most epic of evenings. While the bands and the musicians come and go on a night like this, fortunately they remained and performed the hit song Freedom, by the late great George Michael and his one time band mate Andrew Ridgely of WHAM!

While Rob Halford may have officially outed himself in the later days of the 90’s, it was no secret much earlier than that in the industry. I (and many others, don’t care what they may tell you now!!!) for one had to come to grips with the lyrical content of some of Judas Priest’s biggest hit. It seemed to roll off of our backs and we continued to rock to songs like Hell Patrol and many more. All hale the Metal God himself!!!

Another artist an evening of Pride could not exist without is the mighty David Bowie. Not one to hide his seemingly sexual fluidity the song Heroes suggested geo political stance, perhaps as well as just being who you are meant to be…

1993’s Yes I am by the legendary Melissa Ethridge was her official outing and it did nothing to hinder her meteoric rise within a few years of it’s release.

Tuesday it may have been, but the club was bump’n and it might as well have been Saturday night and you know Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting was the final song by the incomparable Sir Elton John, one who has flown that Pride flag for a long long time.

MAentGlobal learned early that show #157 would be hands down my favorite. Since it was announced already… “Up the Irons!!!” An evening dedicated to the mighty Iron Maiden!!! However, bringing it around back around to #156. “The evening was Xanadu in the real! IMO… a 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 for sure!” My list, as always, would have included a few others, but there is only so much time on a Tues night. Until the next UJN, which is next Tues June… 12!

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