Ultimate Jam Night - Whisky A GO-GO - "A NIGHT FOR RON"

For a person who’s only experience with Ultimate Jam Night was the NAMM Ultimate Jam Night 2018 version, I had no idea what to expect. What I knew to expect was a more somber gathering as the JamFam did their best to celebrate the life of one of their own… Ron Broadnax. I am sure that tonight’s evening was a bit unique to the weekly event and look forward to sharing elbowroom with my fellow camera wielding music fans.

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The “feelings” in the air where thick and could be cut with a knife, yet music heals. There was no way that a set list based on Ron’s own personal favorites was going to keep this crowd of friends, family, music fans, and general well wishers down. Unknown to me was that Ron served in the Army… However, that was short lived when from above came the sweet and somber sound of TAPS being played by Tierra’s Jeff Lewis. That music garnered the respect of the crowd, once they realized what was going on… I have never heard the Whisky in silence, I am sure I was not alone.

The world famous Whisky has been home to Ron and unimaginable list of special guests he’s kept safe over the years… Two of these special guests opened the night up to get the crowd thinking about moving and of course fist pump’n… NuMetaliers DIRTY MACHINE and THE CHIMPZ.  Both of these bands have quite the resume boasting, appearances at major festivals such as: “Uproar, Loudwire, and Rocklahoma, have had their music on MTV and FX’s “Sons of Anarchy,” and have opened for bands the likes of Korn, Rob Zombie, and Disturbed and have played sold out shows at the House of Blues and Viper Room, and have opened for acts like P.O.D., Otep, and Hed (Pe).

If you have not experienced a Paulie Z MC’d event/show, I am telling you… You are missing out. Paulie Z pulls double duty MC’n and fronting any number of tracks by a rotating stage of seasoned veterans. We are told these are unrehearsed get gatherings, you would never know by the talent that is rotated every two songs. 

Paulie Z and last night’s house band: Chris Ralles, Francesco DiCosmo, and Walter Ino opened the evening with RATM’s “GUERILLA RADIO.” That is how you open a show with a serious “bomb track!” Without missing a beat they jumped right into Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Around the World.”

While the evening was worth mentioning each and every artist and song and memory shared about Ron, there were just too many to mention by one person alone. With that here are some of the notable personal highlights…

Make contributions here: www.Gofundme.com/ronbroadnaxmemorialfund

“YOU’VE GOT ANOTHER THING COMING/LOVERGIRL” any doubts that these are real musicians playing real live instruments was shot out the door when Megan Ruger, Matt Starr, Victor Broden, Monte Pittman (yeah of Prong), and Omar Gusmao started their set with a lil’ bit of miscommunication… How does one go from singing the mighty metal gods Judas Priest right into R&B’s Teena Marie just ask these 5 superb musicians and can we get a shot out to the house band singers, killed it!

“SWITCH BLADE BUTTERFLY” by the obviously moved and somber Marq Torien of the BulletBoys. An acoustic track off the forth-coming album release was a perfect song dedicated to Ron’s memory. Seeing Marq, the normally hyperactive spider monkey of a front man in this mood was in itself a sure sign Ron is surely missed.

“OVER MY HEAD” Dug Pinnick with Paulie Z, Matt Kjorvestad, and Walter Ino. This is the writer’s personal pick of song of the night… Fan since, forever and dug (no pun intended) Paulie Z’s directed stage banter with Dug… It did not go “over my head!)

“RAINBOW IN THE DARK/Mob Rules” Adi Argelazi, Simon Wright, Sean McNabb, Ira Black, and of course “the juggler” Walter Ino. I have heard singers attempt to cover the dynamic and amazing Ronnie James Dio before… Many have failed, not Adi… She nailed it. The musicians of course… Have one time or another played a DIO/Sabbath song, so I expected and the crowd got perfection.

“SHINING STAR” Dave Schulz, David Goodstein, Koko Powell, Toshi Yanagi, Dave Shulz (keys), Scott Breadman (perc), Katja Rieckermann (sax), Jeff Lewis (trumpet) Never seen the Whisky stage setup with so many instruments, it was worth the wait for setup… Ron’s taste in music was captivating as it gets.

“25 OR 6 TO 4” Jimmy Keegan, Shane Soloski, Walter Ino, Jay Gore, Katja Rieckerman, and Jeff Lewis Never knew I needed to hear this song live… Guess I was wrong, so cool to hear a song of this level performed live!!!

“PURPLE RAIN” Paulie Z, Jimmy Keegan, Shane Soloski, Walter Ino, Jay Gore, Robbie Gennet, Koi Anunta, and the house background singers… IMHO this should have been the closing number, not a dry eye in the house. People get all emotional with Prince as it is… Associating it to Ron’s memory has put it on another level altogether.

“DU HAST/SHOUT IT OUT LOUD” Hal Sparks/Mick Scott, Steve Wilson, Greg Coates, Chris Hager, Alex Kane, Sven Martin, Chris Ralles, Gabe Maska, Bumper Renga, Tyler and house singers. 

In closing Ron’s final shift will be remembered like this, a gather of friends, family, co-workers, well-wishers, and fans of music knowing that the Pittsburgh Steeler loving man is sitting alongside some of his all time favorite musicians listening to stories of music, mayhem, and knowing he will always be remembered within the long history of the Whisky A Go-Go.

A 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻rated weekly event to be sure.



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