Ultimate Jam Night - Southern Style

Whisky A Go Go Hollywood, Ca Tuesday June 19, 2018

#158 Ultimate Jam Night Southern Style House Band

Show #158 of Ultimate Jam Night Was dedicated to Southern Rock had a packed house from opening into the wee hours of Wednesday morning, thanks to the style of music and the opening/headlining act Jason Charles Miller (JCM). I say headlining, because on any other night this man and his band would be kill’n it on his own. With his riff’s, vocals, and attitude to match the evening’s theme, it was a no joke night of music.

JCM was there to celebrate his latest studio album “In the Wasteland,” which came out last Friday; and of course open the evening with soulful heavy rock, that fit in beautifully with the night’s vibe. We have a scheduled interview with JCM, keep an eye out for it on our YouTube channel and of course our website.

As anyone would expect the UJN portion of the show began with a bang… and like a Train Train, it kept roll’n down the UJN track like a run away locomotive. You know a song performed (and made into a hit each time) by three different acts is going to be a good one… Blackfoot, Dolly Parton, and Warrant all put their stamp on this track (no pun intended). It was UJN’s House Band’s turn to do the same. Featuring – Paulie Z, Joe Travers, Chuck Wright, Jimmy Burkard, Robbie Gennet, Jimmy Z (harp), BGS. The band rolled right into another charting song that was covered by multiple artists, including multiple genres, ZZ Top’s Cheap Sun Glasses.

Maureen Davis, Ty Dennis, Al Kim, Brandon Paul, Austin Ingerman, and featuring a first, Jordan Bush on the banjo took over the stage for soulful cover of Jessie James Decker’s My Cowboy. On stage David Mills joined on acoustic and taking the male lead for Picture a UJN favorite Jesse Snider. I think these two might know how to work with one another…

Cherokee Fortune, Matt Lucich, Lynn Sorenson, Shane Hunter, Leon Rubenhold, Robert Martin, and hidden in the dark corner of stage left Dale Edward Chung, kept the train chugging along KILLING The Black Crowes Top 10 hit Jealous Again and the classic track by the legendary CCR Born on the Bayou. This set also featured the true meaning jam… What a pleasure it is to watch a group of musicians just let loose and extend a song on and on… and on. Music is a beautiful thing.

From one beautiful jam moment to another… The next group of artist kept the Jam Train barreling along; Robert Martin, Asher Fedi, Jorgen Carlsson, Miles Schon, and Jon Statham performed the mighty Allman Brothers’ Whipping Post and the Marshal Tucker Band’s Can’t You See? Dale returned to his dark corner, Adi Argelazi played flute, and out front Jason Charles Miller joined the Ultimate Jam Fam by taking over vocals.

The UJN house band returned to help Jason Charles Miller cover on the Georgia Satellites’ hit debut song Keep Your Hands to Yourself. The house band remained on stage as Buffalo NY’s Howie Simon returned to the UJN stage to cover The Doobie Brothers’ Long Train Running… Folks you need to catch Howie perform someday… Just say’n.

A southern rock night is going to have its fair share of Allman Brothers tracks… Let’s go back to back! Keith England, Dan Potruch, Paul Ill, Randy Ray Mitchell, Mark Tremaglia, Thomas Johansen, Dale Edward, and Jimmy Z. did a rousing cover of Black Hearted Woman as well as One Way or Another.

Hold on Hold on… UJN’s alumni Debbie Holiday came out and blew the doors off the joint covering Alabama Shake’s Hold On. Of course it took Jeff Bowders, Shane Soloski, Tommy Pittam, Mark Tremaglia, Thomas Johansen, and Dale Edward Chung (these songs have a lot of percussion on them!) to make it an amazing cover of the song. Next up the band covered Home

These artists are truly amazing sometimes learning these songs at the very last minute.

Up next was Los Angeles’ Hillbilly Herald, a local act who has a new album coming out and kept the late night crowd awake and singing along to their own special rendition of an American classic… John Denver’s Take Me Home Country Road.

Not all songs were actually southern rock, but had that “IT” factor that made it a real close “kiss’n cousin.” One of those songs is Rocky Mountain Way, by Joe Walsh and Gimme Three Steps by one of southern rocks founders Lynyrd Skynyrd. Performed by Dusty Bo, Dicki Flicszar, Scott Snyder, David Mills, and Chris Turbis. This song featured two artist who are like two kiss’n cousins and it was great seeing them make music together!!!

Up next LA’s own trio Red Devil Vortex and on second guitar returning to the UJN stage, JD McGibney covered a modern southern rock powerhouse band hailing from Kentucky (it is considered the South), Black Stone Cherry’s White Trash Millionare. You can take the boys out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the boys… As the saying goes, right?!

Some of the simplest songs are the most difficult to reproduce… Ask anyone playing drums on an AC/DC song… This is one of those songs Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man must be executed right or a true fanatic will call you on it!!! Thankfully, Jason Charles Miller, Roby Vitari, Shannon Bizzy, Ira Black, and Robbie Gennet were on duty to make it happen. Shannon and Ira continually continue to nail it show after show, song after song…

Hey Marvel this IS your IRON FIST!!!

Next up Texas is the South… No one messes with it and one of the finest from that state was the band that kept metal relevant during the (can we just forget it ever happened?) Seattle years… Pantera and their debut album Cowboys from Hell, they were… Jesse came back out and shredded through Phil’s vocals. Like said above Ira, Shannon and Roby made the Pantera faithful proud!

Finally (the last train reference), the train has reached the end of the line. The national anthem, some have said, to the South is none other than Free Bird. This song has been know to cause a reaction or ruckus or two… It is so popular it has been played more than once by the band that wrote it in one set… Lynyrd Skynyrd is as American as apple pie and no Southern show could go without hearing the dualing guitars and famously sing along friendly lyrics of this hit.

Any doubt this late night was a 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 evening? The musicianship, the jam-ability of the songs, the new faces, the return of some of “UJ Family” members all add up to show #158 going down as top ranked show. Having JCM perform for his record release was a bonus and the crowd showed their appreciation for a full evening of rock early and often til’ the very end. I don't think I will ever put this many images again!

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