Ultimate Jam Night – NAMM 2019

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Anaheim Hilton Anaheim, Ca Jan 28, 2019 Year two… MAentGlobal attended Ultimate Jam Night (UJN) at NAMM! This fantastic event is getting closer and closer to the smooth-running action packed, entertainment juggernaut that it should be!!! There simply is no better value for your money during NAMM week… Oh wait it is FREE, so hell yeah it would totally be worth $50!!!

Now onto the awesomeness that is UJN, the behind the scenes work that it takes just to do the weekly show must be amplified by more than double. More equipment, more guest requests, more ego’s on and off the stage and of course the ticket distribution nightmare. For the red-carpet media, as well as the photographer's pit, it was a more pleasant experience than last year. Sure, there are still the typical issues that come with cramming national, international, small and large publications into the most coveted spots across the carpet. Kudos to those who did their best to accommodate us all (You know who you are).

YOU cAN watch it live we now have RUoulive

Twenty-six songs made famous by the likes of KISS, Tom Petty, Stevie Wonder, Sweet, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Zebra, Flotsam & Jetsam, The Doors, Cheap Trick, Sly and the Family Stone and the list goes on all played by some of the industries finest artists/musicians. Like every weekly UJN these musicians, which for this annual UJN included: Vernon Reid, Billy Sheehan, Mitch Perry, Simon Wright, Ira Black, Jason Christopher, Phil X, Stu Hamm, Steve Vai, Debby Holiday, Marq Torien, Kat Dyson, Rachel Lorin, Derek Day, to name just a few of the 90 plus that took the stage, (who in most cases had never met until they got backstage) rocked, funked, rolled, grooved, jammed, and entertained the hell out of the highly sought after “UJN Golden Tickets,” holders, media, and VIP’s.

Highlights from the evening were far too many to name, but here are a few… Three quarters of the David Lee Roth Band celebrated the 30th anniversary of Eat em’ and Smile by performing “Shy Boy” (Talas/DLR) and “Tie Your Mother Down” (Queen). The dueling bass and guitar between Vai and Sheehan still amazes all who bear witness to its’ technical mastery of the instrument’s holders…

It is always a treat to see and hear a song played, masterfully of course, with such a change you are actually excited to hear it… Ms. Rachel Lorin, Tom Hunting, Bill Hudson, and Ira Black nailed it with a three-guitar attack on Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper…” Such an iconic metal song, you must play it right.

It is also a treat to see and hear one of the song writers actually get up on stage and perform alongside guest musicians. “Unskinny Bop” for all its’ hair and makeup cheesiness is one of the 80’s hair metal superstar band’s biggest hit. Poison’s Rikki Rocket was joined on stage by Budderside’s Patrick Stone, UJN’s MC Paulie Z, Scorpion’s Ralph Rieckermann and Collective Soul’s Joel Kosche for a footstomp’n fist pump’n harmony filled sing along.

Not to be out done when it comes to original artists performing, but what about the “Teen Mall Tour” superstar Tiffany performing her hit “I Think We’re Alone Now” and new single “Beautiful.”

Of course, UJN’s house band members Mitch Perry and Paulie Z joined fellow 70’s superstar band members of Sweet including Stevie Stewart for “Set Me Free” and “Ballroom Blitz.” Both songs got the crowd going. If you don’t know these songs give them a listen… Berlin 76 has a KILLER version of Set Me Free.

Jailbreak” by Thin LizzyDug Pinnick (Kings X/KXM) Charlie Benante (Anthrax) Doug Aldrich (The Dead Daisies) and Phil X with this line up… ‘nuff said!!!

Thank You “by Sly and the Family Stone was masterfully performed by Dave Schulz, David Goodstein, Divinity Roxx, Vernon Reid, and Kay Dyson. Watching Vernon and Kat cut heads was a massive treat!!!

Special mentions on vox Debby Holiday, “I Don’t Need No Doctor”… She is second to none. Heidi and Carla of Butcher Babies slayed “Walk.Paulie Z he is a human chameleon, I wonder if he ever has off nights. Marq Torien always shines when he gets to sing R&B, you can see it is a passion of his and have to give a shout out to Hall of Heavy Metal History award winner Jeff Scott SotoShy Boy” sounded sick!!!

On instruments: Simon Wright (Dio Disciples/AC/DC) having had the opportunity to sit close to him you can feel the thunder when he strikes the skin, dude hits hard! Getting to hear Charlie Benante (Anthrax) play RnB showed his versatility as musicians. Alex Kane and Rich Ward on guitars were an energy bomb exploding on every chord they struck!!!

I can go on and on… Maybe this should have been a podcast, may have to consider that in the future. With so many amazing ear and eye candy moments for the music fan of any level Ultimate NAMM Jam proved once again why it is the place to be on NAMM Saturday!!!

To plug the weekly Ultimate Jam Night just a bit more… To watch week after week hundreds of songs being belted out by dozens of different musicians is always a treat. From the horn section, to the percussion musicians, to the very important BGS (background singers) and the occasional FULL string sections… It is a sight to behold. If you are in the area make it a point to stop by almost all Tuesday evenings as the World Famous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood on “The Strip.”

Until next time!!! I have a lot more pix if you wanna see them drop a comment on IG and I'll keep posting!!!

Massive thank you goes out to JD McGibney (Red Carpet)and Optic Monkey Images (Stage Left Photography) for helping MAentGlobal getting the red carpet and the stage covered throughout the show!

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