Ultimate Jam Night – Ladies of the 80’s Whisky A GO-GO

Hollywood, Ca

Tues May 22, 2018

ULTIMATE JAM NIGHT #155 is in the books… It’s a wrap and boy(toy) was it just a memorable as watching the Saturn Rocket lift off flying the flag of MTV…

One of the greatest music documentaries of all time has to be “Heavy Metal Parking Lot.” While it was solely based on the existence of Heavy Metal, I am going to commit sacrilege and paraphrase and completely create a false narrative… For those of you in the know, you know the exact part in which I’m stealing from… I’m going to stick with the ladies on this one!

Heaaah yeahhh…. Ultimate Jam Night #155 definitely rules… Queen Delphine, Stacey Oziel, the House Band, Joie Shettler, Dyna Shiransaki, Lucia Marco, Megan Ruger, Rachel Lorin, Jill Marie Burke, Heather Lou, Roni Lee, I Queen, Jennifer Oberle, Sydney Ellen, Emily Dickinson, Shannon Bizzy, Katja Rieckermann and Adi Argelazi (if I missed anyone my apologies) they all rule!” For this night Madonna did not belong on Mars and Punk (despite what our zebra clad metal warrior stated) was very much part of the basic fabric of some of the songs we heard this evening.

I could make this a long review, but I will just do my best to try and tell you that some of the greatest female artists from our teenage years were represented by some of the best, established and up and coming female vocalist and musicians in the business today. Song’s by Madonna, Heart, Joan Jett, Janet Jackson, Doro, Patti Smyth, Blondie, Bonnie “Freak’n” Tyler, Pat “Frapp’n” Benatar, Heavy Metal Goddess Lita Ford, Cyndi Lauper, Vixen, queen Cher, Alannah Myles, The Bangles, Bow Wow Wow, and of course the biggest diva of all… No disrespect meant to Cher… The iconic Tina Turner.

MTV made all these ladies house hold names and their songs on this night basically covered MTV’s hey day and basically ran like a typical MTV video play list on any given day, throughout Junior High and High School. The song list by these leading ladies gave us titles like: The Warrior, Alone, Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun, It’s Only Love, Like A Prayer, Lucky Star, I Want Candy, Walk Like an Egyptian, Black Velvet, Turn Back Time, Close My Eyes Forever, No You Don’t, You Better Run, The Tide is High, Holding Out for a Hero, Hate Myself for Loving You, All We Are, Edge of a Broken Heart, and finally Black Cat.

There were of courses some amazing highlights to the night, I will let you read over the list and remember how complicated some of these songs were to perform. The ones that were particularly difficult to sing were handled like the super stars that sang them. I am not going to call out any one artist, or two, but when you get that “flashback” memory moment… You know it was special. I’m sure I was not alone in stating this.

Getting to witness amazing musicians week after week never gets old. Sometimes it’s what make the evening that much more special. However this evening belonged to performances by the ladies, both the ones that sang, danced, and rocked an instrument.

MAentGlobal learned early that show #156 is going to be the “best” yet. However staying focused on show #155. “The song selections were some of the most memorable so far, IMO… 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 for sure!” My list, as always, would have included a few others, but there is only so much time on a Tues night. Until the next UJN, which is next Tues June… 5! It’s not listed yet, so I can’t post it…

A review of Queen Delphine up shortly... They were great!

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