Ultimate Jam Night - David Z fundraiser

Whisky A Go Go Hollywood, Ca Tuesday July 10, 2018 Show #160

This night was a special evening to celebrate David Z... MC/Musician Paulie Z's brother, who was tragically taken away far too soon, a year ago at the time of this being written. David was a celebrated person and musician, by friends, family, and musicians across the United States and beyond. Many of those very same people made a special trip from all over in order to participate and celebrate along with each other and fans of music in general. As you read this try to imagine the emotions of celebrating such an individual, who touched so many lives for so many years.

As always UJN begins with an opening act... This week was not just any, but IDOL X the premiere Billy Idol tribute act, which includes hits spanning Billy Idol's entire career from Generation X and of course his solo work. Out front is Billy's doppelgänger Matthew Eberhart, Robert Sarzo on guitar, Sammy Burke on bass and rounding out the foursome Hoss Wright on drums. Tribute bands are not just cover bands, they should capture the vibe and if at all possible the look of the band Idol X has the sound, the look, and the attitude!

Joe Travers, Mitch Perry, Chuck Walker, Walter Ino, Paulie Z

The evening was a celebration of much of the music that David and Paulie Z were influenced by, listened to, played and even eventually sharing the stage with some of those artists. Paulie Z, as always, doubles his duties MC'n and performing, yet tonight was extra special listening to his stories of an amazing relationship with his brother and family. Paulie Z pulled out the stops and personally put together a setlist of some amazing songs which included Beat it, Carry On My Wayward Son, Ballroom Blitz, Hall of the Mountain King (my personal favorite of the evening), and Don't Stop Believing. Of course these were just the songs that he personally sang on and some of this performances were the best I have witnessed. The vocals by the BGS and the rest of the house band were equal to the originals. Of course the house band consists of Joe Travers (Drums|Duran Duran, Zappa Plays Zappa, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani), Chuck Wright (The Capitan|Bass|Quiet Riot, Alice Cooper, Montrose), Mitch Perry (guitars|The Sweet, MSG, Edgar Winter), Tommy Pittam (guitars|BulletBoys), and Walter Ino (multi-instruments).

Of course it was not just Paulie Z who put on amazing performances... There was Abby Gennet performing Bad Reputation, Ms Rachel Lorin sang a emotional rendition of Dream On, and Terry Ilous owned Rock and Roll. These vocalist were backed up by the likes of Jimmy Burkard (guitars), Walter Ino (keys), Stephen Haaker (drums), Alex Kane (guitars), Sam Harman (bass), and the legendary Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot/drums).

The night continued on with Communication Breakdown & It Will Rain sung by Debby Holiday (those were surely tears of joy), Billy Jean performed by Jorja Napolitano, Anything Anything & Fight for Your Rights by the 80's tribute artists Fast Times, and from Rubix Kube LA Lucia Marco and her backup cheer leader/vocalists blasted through two memorable covers of 80's MTV hits Mickey and Walking on Sunshine.

Preparing for his upcoming Whisky A Go Go show, Jesse Snider sang the Twisted Sister metal anthem I Wanna Rock. Many time UJN artist sing songs that are good, then there are times those artist get to do something special... Joe Retta owned Sir Duke & Tie Your Mother Down along with the horn section and the rest of the amazing musicians.

The highlight of the evening... This is my write up after all... Was hearing Paulie Z, Dennis Leeflang, Ben White, Alex Kane, and Howie Simon perform the metal classic The Hall of the Mountain King. This song holds extra special meaning to Paulie Z for the connection he and David Z share with the brothers Jon and Criss Olivia of Savatage.

The next couple songs were no doubt an influence to the Brother's Z. Pull Me Under, sung by UJN alumni Adi Argelazi and The Spirit of Radio performed by Francesco DiCosmo. The evening closed with the Journey classic Don't Stop Believing. This evening belonged to all of us and keeping the memory of David Z alive and giving young musicians a fund in which to keep the dream alive.

Without a doubt the show rates beyond "5 whatever" emoji you want to insert here. Music is magic and keeps us all connected, no matter what the style it is. This evening was duplicated with the Z family in New York as well, just a few nights later. UJN is EVERYWHERE!!! David's legacy will live on and his memory and contribution to music will live on as long as we do not let the light dim. With that... Tuesday July 17 is dedicated to a band who had a profound influence on a generation of musicians who still call Alice in Chain's music life changing and are still killing it to this day. This band too knows how a major loss can turn into celebration of life and making a difference. Join the Ultimate Jam Fam and MAentGlobal at The Whisky A Go Go for AiC Nite!!!

http://davidzfund.com/ It's never too late to donate and to keep the dream going. Visit and do what you can!!! Thanks so much

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