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"The music community is taking care of mental illness" says Jason McMaster of DANGEROUS TOYS

To set the tone of this interview, there are a multitude of layers where Jason and I discuss the School of Rock, Humorous and Clever lyrics, Tape, a possible Book, Reviews, and even the topic of mental health. But before going any further and to set the stage for some of the topics covered here, this took place the same day that Anthony and I rode down in the elevator with RON KEEL and JASON MCMASTER unplanned but there were plenty of puns made between song titles from KEEL and DANGEROUS TOYS as we made along the descent to Day Two at Headbangers Con at the DoubleTree in Portland and we even discussed the long forgotten Lil Weenie Records to where a certain band was compared to Dangerous Toys back in 1990. The great thing about Ron and Jason is they are not ashamed of the past, can discuss it openly, and can respect it and laugh at it in the same sentence.

So with that said, and to hopefully aid in some of the banter here with Jason and I early on, in which the conversation was so loose we kept the B-Role footage in and even my first screw up with an introduction which is kept on video here for us all to laugh. I think the point is that this was a natural organic conversation but as the interview was beginning to wind down, Jason made a comment that kept the conversation rolling for another 8 minutes or so which was great.

at the 16:00 minute mark of the below video Jason states,

"The music community is taking care of mental illness because music saves people. It doesn't make them feel disturbed; it makes them feel better!"

What I really appreciated was someone taking this issue up and talking about it and it was not scripted nor planned to discuss! I am not a Doctor but we have all encountered issues within ourselves or within those we love who may have at one point suffered or currently suffer from a form of mental illness. This is a delicate subject but I am so grateful for Jason's comments and couldn't agree more that music saves people.

Have you ever heard a song and all of a sudden you get lost in the emotions and your head becomes clear, or you feel you're not alone, or you feel that someone else relates? There is positivity in music and its release is unmeasurable and hope many more can find the beauty in the art and see that Music does Save! Music is my lifesblood and without it I would not be who I am because it has been the biggest part of my life.

Don't be afraid to ask for help!

You Are Not Alone!

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