THE LONELY ONES release a new single

Hard rock band The Lonely Ones released their brand new single "Real Big Trouble" to all digital outlets.

"Real Big Trouble started simple - with all of us passing an acoustic guitar back and forth. It is the heaviest song we've written but showcases all of our influences from old Thin Lizzy swing to Beartooth. Songs like that are our favorite to write and i hope people dig it as much as we enjoyed making it" says the band.

"Real Big Trouble" stream/download link:

The band released their reimagined version of Queen's classic song "Flash" in July of this year. The song/video has been met with rave reviews including those of Brian May (Queen) and Sam J Jones (Flash Gordon, The Highwayman).

Brian May was quoted as saying, “What a fantastic cover ! I didn’t realise they were going to go into The Hero and the whole reprise ... magnificent !"

Sam J Jones adds, "This is one of the best covers I have ever heard and seen. What a gifted group - The Lonely Ones are for everyone of us, from the 1980’s to right now!"

The video for "Flash/ The Hero" can be seen here:

"Flash/ The Hero" stream/download link:

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