Produced by Justin Hill (SiKth, Heart Of A Coward, Betraying The Martyrs) "Bleed Red" is due for release on August 17th Pre-orders are live now!

Aggressive yet euphoric, empowering yet simultaneously enslaving, The Five Hundred are renowned for overcoming adversities and laying siege to every stage they play. From struggling with tourettes, OCD, gambling and drug addiction, to perfecting their art and proving that together they are a force of nature, now is the band's time to share with the world how they've battled through their vices and come out on top.

Each song represents a different facet of the psyche, persona, or essence of addiction - from hedonism and oblivion all the way through to seduction, narcissism, psychosis and ultimate self-destruction.

The troubled times that the band went through at the time of writing and recording the album is reflected in the musical qualities of the work, and draws from various sub-genres of metal, appealing to fans of all heavy music.  The music is influenced by bands such as Meshuggah, After The Burial & Heart Of A Coward, whilst Woods-Eley's vocals grieve like a 90s' era grunge drug addict, strongly influenced by Layne Staley (Alice In Chains) and Chris Cornell (Soundgarden).

Mark Byrne says this about the song.

"The first single, Smoke & Mirrors, deals with obscuring the realities of an addict's sense of worthlessness and depression, losing oneself in a "snowstorm" of abuse, with the "hourglass" of his life slowly counting down his days into a self-induced depravity."

"Bleed Red" will be released on August 17th! Preorders for "Bleed Red" are now available HERE.

LINE-UP: Jonathan Eley - Vocals Paul Doughty - Guitars Mark Byrne - Guitars Andy Crawford - Bass Kelsey James - Drums For More Info Visit:

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