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THE BASH in Sacramento 6.16.19

Before I begin the official write up, I felt compelled to get on my soapbox and throw some thoughts out there to those of you reading this. First, Myself and all those included in this website take great pride in what we do, we respect the bands, the fans, and especially the publicists who get us the information, access to the shows, the bands, the photo pit, the music, the interviews, etc. We, at MA entertainment Global would never do anything to break the trust and confidence that allows us to do what we do for you. For instance, when covering festivals and many shows we must sign a waiver for the photography and there are certain rules to follow for the photo pit. The obvious rules of First 3 Songs Only and No Flash! That's pretty standard for any concert. Also, it's also a norm that you shoot from the photo pit with a professional (aka detachable lens) camera. AND, it's also noted that you do NOT use your Cell Phone in the Photo Pit to shoot pictures and you shouldn't have a GoPro in the photo pit filming the entire time as well. So with the relaxed security at THE BASH in Sacramento on Sunday, June 16, some people took it upon themselves to use a GoPro in the photo pit and use their cell phones. I did not abuse the privilege granted to me nor will I ever abuse it!

Now, with that out of the way, let's talk about The Bash which this year featured RANCID, PENNYWISE, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, L7, and SHARP SHOCK for the Sacramento, CA final date at Papa Murphy's Park at Cal Expo. We're talking 100 Craft Beers to sample in 90 degree weather in a Soccer Stadium. As you walk into the stadium people are lined up around the Beer Tents waiting with their complimentary Beer Taster Cup waiting to sample BLUE NOTE or SKA BREWING or even SEISMIS from Sonoma. It was easy to tell who had been there since 12 sampling as some of those people had already lost the ability to walk a straight line. While I did not sample any of the beers today, I was more focused on my task at hand, enjoying the live music and taking photos.

First up was SHARP SHOCK and their straight ahead punk sound (more in the area of a rock flavored SOCIAL DISTORTION tossed in with a slice of THE BUZZCOCKS kicked the day off to a good start. There were no frills just solid songs in the old school manner of a 3-piece punk band who loves what they do. I was impressed and will seek more of them in the future. After their 30-minute set brought up the powerful L7. All 4 original members have been back at it since 2015 (I think) and while their career was a tough one to categorize because they were initially embraced by the Indie World but then crossed into the Metal world and wound up on Grunge Blvd but any way you slice it, it was still hard rock that was able to cater to fans of many genres. L7 sound even better today than 20 years ago and when you hear classics like Everglade, Shitlist, and Pretend We'rd Dead, it's almost like time stopped. The band was tight, energetic, and still possessed their same 'who cares' attitude and the crowd enjoyed everything they had to offer. And, if you get time please check out their documentary on Amazon, there is a great story to be watched.

Being sandwiched in the 3rd slot, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES probably should have headlined because I would say 25-30% of the crowd left after ST. The boys from Venice Beach who have been around for over 30 years have more energy than bands half their age and still have the sound that is fresh, appealing, and original. You Can't Bring Me Down and Freedumb get the crowd going but it's the anthems of Institutionalized and Pledge Your Allegiance that get the crowd going the most, especially with Mike Muir on the rails, holding on to fans, singing the lines and eventually hopping into the crowd during the last song and getting in the circle pit. Nothing but absolute respect for ST, their legacy, their current members, and all they do for us! Join The Army!

Coming up next was PENNYWISE who I have been a casual listener my life but now must invest some time in getting more familiar with their catalog. While not a lot of energy on stage, or maybe that's just because they followed ST, what counts for Pennywise is they fall in to the category where BAD RELIGION sits (label as well) and play their songs that are honest, share a message, and they have a fun vibe on stage with banter that not only comes from all of the members, but also engages the crowd like trying to pick the 'cover song' of the day even though they also do Stand By Me making it another cover song in their set. Enjoy them? Yes! And lastly was RANCID who I actually felt bad for because when up to 30% of the people left after ST, another 20% left after Pennywise. And while Rancid was easily the most commercially successful on the bill, a re-imagining of the running order was needed, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, they sound great, enjoy themselves on stage, but sometimes bands allow their history to dictate their future but props to them for doing it their way. Then again, maybe some of those that stuck around for the latter on the bill may have left had ST been last. Six of one, half dozen of another.

I Thank Ashley and Kristine for allowing me this opportunity and look forward to next years lineup as well!

More Photos will be posting on my Instagram - HardRockCore

Have An Awesome Day!

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