The numbers don't lie.  Neither do the accolades. The Acacia Strain's Slow Decay is one 2020's best. "Stunning and suffocating...  a serious contender for album of the year." – Revolver "a genuinely inventive take on metallic hardcore without abandoning the traits that longtime Acacia Strain fans know and love, and for a band nearly 20 years into their career, that's a pretty impressive feat." — Brooklyn Vegan "Dynamite reminders of why The Acacia Strain are so great." — Metal Sucks "The band furthers its maturation into a more sophisticated realm of heavy music." — Exclaim! "Some of the finest The Acacia Strain material to date." — Blabbermouth "The Acacia Strain have proven themselves as overlords of contemporary heavy music, and Slow Decay is among the biggest moves they’ve made in asserting their devastating dominion." — New Transcendence "Consistently crushing." — New Noise "It is a massive, lumbering, unstoppable force of doom-soaked beatdown the likes of which could only have been concocted by twenty-year veterans in the year 2020." — Heavy Blog Is Heavy "An astonishing achievement." — Kill Your Stereo  "At times Slow Decay feels like a brick stuck on spin cycle, rattling around the drum until it rips itself apart. That's the point, though." — Upset "Album Number 10 is also firmly anchored in the heart of deathcore, but at the same time has a very strong doom impact." — Metal Hammer



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