TESTAMENT Vocalist Chuck Billy Announces "The Chief" Black Friday Deals + Contest

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TESTAMENT vocalist Chuck Billy has changed the vaporizer game with his Signature Herbal Vaporizer pen...

..."The Chief" and new line of herbal smoking products and accessories - the "Tomahawk" pipe, the "Dream Catcher" Oil Cartridge Battery, and the "War Drum" 2-in-1 Vaporizer - all available now via Lord Vaper Pens. In a time that most vaporizers were being marketed towards urban and hip-hop audiences, Chuck wanted to release a pen that hard rockers and metalheads alike could call their own.

Beginning today and running through the end of Cyber Monday, the new products in the "The Chief" herbal vaporizer line ("War Drum", "Dream Catcher", "Tomahawk") and the new "The Chief of Thrash" merchandise collection will be available at special discounted Black Friday prices!

Visit www.LordVaperUSA.com NOW to take advantage of these deals:

1) Buy any "The Chief" product and get a second one from the collection at 50% off.

2) 50% off a concert goer bundle (T-shirt, drawstring bag, dog tag) from "The Chief of Thrash" merchandise collection.

3) Buy any "The Chief" product at regular price and choose any item from "The Chief of Thrash" merchandise for free.

4) Get 40% off any one "The Chief" product.

FREE SHIPPING will be available on all U.S. orders.

In addition, one lucky purchaser of these Black Friday deals will win a chance to join a one-on-one virtual live video vape session with the man himself - Chuck Billy! To qualify for the virtual vape session, at least one of the products ("War Drum", "Dream Catcher", "Tomahawk") in "The Chief" collection must be purchased. Further details can be found at www.LordVaperUSA.com.

Chuck Billy says, "Don't miss my Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at LordVaperUSA.com! I've got some great specials waiting for you, including up to 40-50% off "The Chief" products, and up to 50% off merchandise in my "The Chief of Thrash" collection. I'll pick a winner who takes advantage of the sale to win a 15-minute live video vape session with yours truly."


"The Chief" Signature Series is a collection of high quality products that are built to last, with a one year warranty on each. Each item in the series features an ergonomic design tailored for maximum discretion, great hand-feel, healthy consumption, and ease of use/cleaning.


The first item in the new "The Chief" signature series is a pipe dubbed the "Tomahawk" - a unique cone-shaped pipe with a completely enclosed Pod combustion chamber, giving it a look and functionality that's totally discreet. The "Tomahawk" features a built-in lighter (~250 ignites per fill) so you're always ready to spark-up, and it works great on windy days too. Featuring a unique interchangeable Pod-based system for loading material into session portions, just drop a Pod into the combustion chamber and light-up. The "Tomahawk" includes a smell-proof Stash Tube that holds four (4) extra Pods for pre-filling and taking on-the-go, an activated charcoal filter to trap and reduce the inhalation of toxic chemicals produced during combustion, a mouthpiece that easily disassembles for thorough cleaning, and a cool microfiber tote bag to keep everything with you and safe in your backpack, purse, briefcase, etc.

"Dream Catcher"

"The Chief" series also features an Oil Cartridge Battery, called the "Dream Catcher" - the ultimate in oil cartridge protection, completely enclosed in a spring-loaded top cover. The "Dream Catcher" fits easily in the palm, providing maximum discretion while consuming in public, and is rich with features such as an OLED battery status display, pre-heat function and three voltage settings. The "Dream Catcher" has a high-capacity 650mAh battery, providing long battery life so it's always ready to go, and a set of adapters allow virtually all oil cartridges to fit. As with the "Tomahawk", the "Dream Catcher" also includes a microfiber tote bag to keep everything together and protect your valuable investment.

"War Drum"

Lastly, the series features a 2-in-1 Vaporizer called the "War Drum", that once again features beautiful styling and a unique design that's compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand for totally discreet consuming. The "War Drum" features a magnetic top cap, with an easily removable Indian blood red glass mouthpiece for access to the heating chamber. The "War Drum" doesn't have any parts that wear. This product includes a wax/concentrate Pod for those that enjoy consuming that type of material, an isolated airflow design that draws only external air into the pull, five optimized temperature settings to maximize the vaping experience, a huge-capacity 3200mAh battery giving you enough juice for at least ten (10) sessions per charge (replaceable through access door on the bottom), and a custom-designed, soft-shell carry case to store everything - including the ability to add a small lock to stop unwanted access.

Make sure to check out the new "The Chief of Thrash!" merchandise line collection and swag yourself out with official "The Chief" merchandise featuring The Chief himself, Chuck Billy! Merchandise products will include t-shirts, drawstring bags, mousepads, dog tags, posters, phone cases, luggage tags, coasters and more. These items are available exclusively via www.LordVaperUSA.com.

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