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Newly formed in 2019 and hailing from one of the hottest places on earth, Arizona, USA, SURVIVORS OF SUICIDE presents it's new highly anticipated single "Distant Sirens"! Coming off the shoulders of the giants like LAMB OF GOD, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, and AS I LAY DYING, with only one official member, SOS continues to be an international success!

"Distant Sirens is a song ultimately about accepting your fate and answering to your destiny," Jake says. "Accepting who you were meantto be, and what role you're meant to play in this grand game of 'life'..." he then speaks about his military service for a little but

finishes the statement with, "...but that to me doesn't matter. What matters is that the metaphorical message still stands. There's forces at work that we can't control, so we control what we can."

The instrumental was written by Aaron Chaparian (Sever the King, LGND) as well as mixed and mastered in his studio out of New Jersey, USA. The two have collaborated before with their last release "The Baron" which can be viewed here:

If you like air guitaring, headbanging, and screaming your lungs out

then you'll love Distant Sirens!

Stream the song at this location.

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