SUMMERFEST 2019 in Sacramento


Ace Of Spades

Sacramento, CA


Simon Pesely - MERCHANTS

The ACE OF SPADES, Sacramento’s premiere live music venue has done it again, but this time the club was all about supporting the local scene. 8 bands shared the stage in the 1,100-capacity venue and in the spirit of ‘local’, bands of different genres came together to support the local scene and it was a glorious night for all with 25-minute sets for the first 6 bands and 30-minute sets for the 2 main headliners.

OH! THE HORROR was the opening act and in complete costume attire, delivered a hybrid set of horrorcore by a vocalist and two guitar players, but no bassist or drummer. Modern technology handles that quite nicely and for those who are curious, I would compare OTH to something in the vein of HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD. Next up was BEAUTY IS BETRAYAL whose name I have seen but the cards never lined up to see them live yet based on schedules. Lo and behold, I recognized a few of the bandmembers and was treated to their brand of Art Rock (a la IN THIS MOMENT) with TV’s on stage with their bunny logo and musicians in white splattered with blood. They do a cool cover of KATY PERRY’S Dark Horse which went over well with the crowd.


Next up was A FOREIGN AFFAIR whose style was quite a polar opposite and much less aggressive act but did offer up a unique mix of Alt Rock with a lot of space within the drumming giving plenty of air for the vocals to breathe. VICE VERSA was the next band and their energy lifted the crowd up three notches after AFA and were a perfect transition between bands. VV also spent some time on the road with headliners MERCHANTS this summer and their vibe aligns with that of Merchants and others on the bill.


HELLHEART was up next, a 5-piece band with a visual presentation with scrims, logos emblazed on stage, and their socials visible as well. Another act that captivated the crowd and seemed their following followed them from their hometown as their merch was on plenty of fans in the crowd. Following HH was THE LAST TITAN whose hardcore/deathcore approach was energetic and positive. Shout out to frontman JORDAN for disclosing the topic of the final song and extending a hand to those struggling with any type of illness as it is important to be able to find help when needed.



Fresh off of a UK tour, CEMETERY SUN followed TLT and their music was more in line with AFA and would make perfect touring partners in the future. Clean vocals, ambient sounds beneath the guitars, and similar to OTH, did not have a bassist on stage with them yet there were many in attendance who knew their songs lyric by lyric which is always beautiful to see that connection with the fans. Headliner MERCHANTS hit the stage to close the show and the screams were loud and clear. MATTHEW MILLER, SIMON PESELY, DAVID RANGEL, JOEY WILSON, and BABY J delivered another crushing set with energy, power, emotion, and cannot Thank them enough (specifically Simon) for bringing together this awesome local bill showcasing local music!


Matthew Miller - MERCHANTS


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