strypeR - Ace Of Spades in Sacramento 11.4.18


Ace Of Spades

Sacramento, CA


The Pink and Purple Attack is back! Oh wait, I mean Yellow and Black Attack! I must have gotten confused with MICHAEL SWEET’s stage rap about CC DEVILLE being in Orange County’s own, STRYPER. And it was his onstage banter that although was much longer than I remember back in the day, I also found it refreshing to see a frontman simply ‘talk’ to the crowd. It was effortless and from the heart and at times off the cuff but it all made sense.

What also made sense is the fact that Stryper put on a show in Sacramento, CA tonight that proved their relevance and while others from their era have fallen to the wayside and rely strictly on their ‘hit’ era, Stryper deliver songs from all eras of their 34-year and also play more than one song from their current release, GOD DAMN EVIL and they all sound current and have vocals that are sang in (original) key versus dropped down 3 full steps like (insert band name here). Whether they are playing Take It To The Cross or Lady, the songs are vibrant, personable, and played at the proper tempo where as others from this era play songs much slower and without feel. Drummer ROBERT SWEET still sitting sideways and bashing on a yellow and black Yamaha Kit (I swear I didn’t have a yellow Yamaha kit because of Robert even though we have a similar style) and OZ FOX laying down the solid rhythms but played much more lead towards the end of the set. The only thing that would have made the show better was if the Holy Trinity of Stryper fans were in the house of CHRIS JERICHO (FOZZY), HOWARD JONES (LIGHT THE TORCH, ex-KILLSWITCH ENGAGE), and RICHARD CHRISTY (CWOTD, HOWARD STERN) as these 3 have a group chat talking Loud n Clear about their love of Stryper!

While some have lost their talent over the years, bands like LA GUNS, QUEENSRYCHE, and even WARRANT still possess the skillset to deliver mature sets that span their career just like Stryper displayed tonight at the Ace Of Spades. What’s next? Well, for me I get the opportunity to see them again this week but on Friday in Portland, OR as the kickoff night to HEADBANGERSCON where Stryper will play the kickoff event at the Bossanova Ballroom. See You There!

And Shout Out to the Stryper Family for allowing me the opportunity to shoot the show - Amazing!


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Stryper Set List 11.4.18 at Ace Of Spades in Sacramento, CA

Michael Sweet at the Ace Of Spades 11.4.18

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