Spider Rockets: Along Came a Spider

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

"I'm not hear to change your mind, but I will rip your heart out" is the opening lyric and makes a statement you receive for the latest offering from SPIDER ROCKETS on their P-Dog Records release, Along Came A Spider.  Being a female fronted rock band makes it tough to receive equal treatment.  Not by me, but by the masses which is so unfortunate because the Pop Market is oversaturated with talentless, auto-tune divas who can't play an instrument, sing, or have any idea on what real authenticity is these days.  With that said, the East Coast has produced a solid entity in Spider Rockets.  While not new to the scene, it's hard to believe they started out as as 2-piece outfit of guitarist  JONNY NAP and lead singer HELENA COS.  

What we do have is the swagger-blues of Hey Hey  which comes across as a strong, gritty anthem while their cover of Heartbreaker from PAT BENATAR  gives the original justice whereas many artists fail in their cover attempts.  At Odds is a number that has a catchy chorus with so much potential but it's the dredge of the verses that hold this track back.  There's something out of place and pace but if that could have been altered this could have taken this track to the next level.  There is a lot of street rock n roll attitude overall that screams leather jackets and denim jeans.  If you're a fan of BARB WIRE DOLLS, then you know the level that Spider Rockets stems from, albeit with less punk vibes although album close Sick comes closest to BWD but is reminiscent of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS/VELVET REVOLVER with the guitar chugging in the verses as well as the bridge before the solo.  The songs have the right structure, enough gloss on the production but not so much to remove the street, and enough female power vibes that they demand a solid listen.

What Spider Rockets needs is some attention at big festivals, the right package tour, and

just enough promotional push to get them in front of the right crowds as they have something to offer as their evolution is admirable.  I recommend for fans of garage rock, female-fronted rock, and people with an open mind that can appreciate a hard working class rock n roll band!





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