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SEPULTURA / SACRED REICH / CROWBAR / ART OF SHOCK 3.4.22 at Ace of Spades in Sacramento


3.4.22 at Ace of Spades in Sacramento

Two years ago I was amplified to see this show and we all know what happened in March of 2020. I supported bands by purchasing Tees online, their albums, and waited patiently for tours to get rescheduled, postponed, and then rescheduled. But tonight was worth the wait as what seemed like a light crowd early in the evening seemed to approach near capacity by the time ART OF SHOCK had finished the 6-song set of modern thrash metal which seemed to impress the crowd in Sacramento. A young band who has waited patiently for this tour and seemed very appreciate of the support from the crowd. As this band develops, it will be interesting to see where they land in 15 years with the prowess they show today.

CROWBAR who released their latest album today, ZERO AND BELOW hit the stage to the crowd treats them with the utmost respect as it's deserved. After all, don't they dominate XXXL Heavyweight Division? The sonic sludge that mastermind KIRK WINDSTEIN and the Nola boys deliver is an aural assault in primitive energy that only they can deliver. Playing Chemical Godz live for the first time was a treat and of course closing out with Planets Collide is an obvious choice. No matter how many times I see Crowbar, they never disappoint and it's always great to have a quick with with Mr. Windstein as well

When I think of SACRED REICH, I remember many years ago growing up and actually listening to a local radio station who every Saturday night/Sunday morning had a 4-hour metal show at 2am (go figure the time slot) and I would lay in bed listening and sometimes fall asleep. What I remember specifically is hearing Surf Nicaragua for the first time and thinking that they were one of those thrash bands who were talented but just weren't going to get the notoriety they deserved. And after all these years I have finally seen them live and they nailed every song in the set from The American Way to a new number like Manifest Reality. And needless to say the old school fans stirred up quite a most pit throughout their set.

SEPULTURA and their journey is quite a story and probably deserves a biopic at some point and we all know that a full-scale reunion would be incredible, but it won't happen. But what we can and should acknowledge is that since his move into the band as the vocalist, DERRICK GREEN has been a solid performer on and off the stage. He produces some incredible vocal abilities and is also a positive influence.

The first-time hearing Sepultura was through tape trading where someone sent me a cassette of SICK OF IT ALL on one side and Sepultura on the other. They were brutal for their time and their level of brutality has not stopped as evident on their most recent release, QUADRA, was a masterpiece and one of the top albums of 2020. Hearing the power of Isolation live and the energy of Means to an End demonstrates reason they are still viable and just as lethal as they were 35 years ago.

As this was night one of the tour, they will continue on for the next month and wrap up in NorCal on April 9 and make sure you get out to this tour and support live music as it's been away from too many of and now it's back!

Pictures will be posting to the Instagram @HardRockCore

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