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The age of "Quadra" comes closer: On February, 7th, SEPULTURA will release their new album via Nuclear Blast. An impressive album that immerses the listener, drawing them deeper into the concept, with its energetic thrashy tunes.

Today, the band has released an official "behind the music" trailer focusing on drummer Eloy Casagrande and his contribution to the new album. Find out more about the drums on Quadra, here: https://youtu.be/NefZCTcW6r4

Frontman Derrick Green in this video about Eloy Casagrande: "I think the creativity of Eloy's drum style is not like any other's. So, this is something: He brings in his own personality and his style playing the drums. It is so unique, the way that he never know where it's gonna go - he's always challenging himself. We're so grateful and thankful to have someone so talented as Eloy who's always pushing himself to go further."

A pure and raw thrash piece on one side and a melodic yet experimental one on the other - with their catching and fascinating concept album around the number of manifestation, SEPULTURA define their own universe where they alone are the masters, their "Quadra"(portuguese for "playground").

In support of the album, the band will kick off their North American 'Quadra tour with SACRED REICH, CROWBAR and ART OF SHOCK on March 18th in San Diego. The tickets and VIP are on sale from www.sepultura.com.br

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