Sacramento, CA 6.9.18

Once again, HOLY DIVER in Sacramento brings us another legacy artist. This time former Canadian and now Voting US Resident SEBASTIAN BACH graced the stage with his 6ft+ body and with that long hair he should be grateful that none of it got attached to the low ceiling or low lighting rig because that would have been a sight to see for sure. Backed by current touring band BOBBY JARZOMBEK on Drums, ROB DELUCA on bass, and BRENT WOODS on guitar they took us on a ride into the deep past into the realm of SKID ROW as well as into solo material from Baz.

An item I admire about Baz is that he knows what fuels the fire and is not afraid to admit it, does not stray too far away from the path traveled, but also throws enough newness for the ‘pure’ fans who have stuck by him through all the years. Kicking off with SLAVE TO THE GRIND the crowd was instantly sold in Sacramento and they did not leave the palm of his hands for the remainder of the night. Even with songs like DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE and DREAM FOREVER coming so early in the set, the crowd was singing along and maintained their energy as he blasts through STTG era THE THREAT and my personal fave MONKEY BUSINESS. Now seeing as a majority of the crowd came from his past, there was a younger generation where Mom and Dad brought the kids to share in the memories. But seeing Seb perform songs like HERE I AM, SWEET LITTLE SISTER, and BIG GUNS I felt the same energy tonight that I felt in ’89 seeing the Skids open for MOTLEY CRUE in England at Wembley Arena or seeing them headline the Hammersmith Odeon with openers VAIN where they also did a couple covers from British legacy bands.

As Sebastian heads out on the road and this being the start of the tour, the band will settle into the groove and keep pounding out the rock night after night. I highly suggest all fans, past and present, get their ass to the show and see that he still sings it, all killer, no filler, and his smile and stage presence are still legit. Whether reunion happens or not, he is still content kicking ass and making sure the Youth Go(ne) Wild night after night!


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