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The rock, fashion and physical action stage hybrid @Rock Dance Theatre announces autumn dates of the “Without You” Tour 2020.

A handful of shows in the pandemic world realm with be hard, dark and loud in their nature featuring front woman Anna Achimowicz and Guests.

“It’s actually ironic, because the name for an autumn 2020 performance tour came to me way back in December 2019 when finishing the “Fire and Blood” run, before anyone couldn’t imagine something like Covid-19 hitting all of us. I was planning to announce it around march 2020 as show dates were slowly being routed but never got around to it because of the Covid-19 pandemic and complete shutdown that followed.” The autumn “Without You” shows will seem very symbolic in their nature, and at this point have taken on a whole new meaning, where stage performance in the rock and metal realm have practically vanished from one day to another leaving creators like Rock Dance Theatre, Without All of the live entertainement, audience, fans and followers in contact from a stage show point of view.

“As much as the pandemic had taken away from me and all of us it has given me a lot as well. It made me redefine myself as an artist as well as dig deeper as a human being in self development. Having a weird time of limitation and isolation has just reassured me as to what I believe in, what drives me every day and what I want to share with my audience rocking out on stage, and taking them into my weird and twisted world of movement, sound and imagery. I am reassured now how much it always came out of passion and drive, and not fear nor financial reasons. It never has”

“Without You” will be very hard rock and metal in its style, have a definite wasteland aesthetic and will be even more physical in its choreography and stage action. Leaving nothing less that could be expected from A NEW Anna Achimowicz STAGE EXPERIENCE tuned up a notch following up “On Edge”, “Strings n Veins” and “Satiric Tango”.

Tour Dates* All subject to change or modification:

28-30.08.2020 Venue TBA*

6.09.2020 Blue Note Club, Poznan, Poland

26.09.2020 Venue TBA

*Soon to be announced

Rock Dance Theatre press announcement 26.07.2020

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