Ride For Ronnie 2018 "STand Up & Shout" Cancer Fund/Wendy Dio interview


It started at 4:30am, Sunday, May 6th with an early morning plane flight from Sacramento to Burbank to be picked up by my partner in musical crime MAentGlobal (aka Anthony) we headed straight to Harley Davidson of Glendale for the start of the RIDE FOR RONNIE 2018. We check in and meet up with Natalie and Maria as well as other like-minded camera toting individuals who were there to cover this benefit for the STAND UP AND SHOUT CANCER FUND (www.diocancerfund.org). The couple hundred motorcycles, of various brands, were lined up a city plus block deep. VIP riders consisted of celebrities; musicians and riding club dignitaries were present to support this wonderful and exciting cause. Different ‘biker’ organizations and motorcycle riding music fans were present and came together with one another for the common bond of being solid humanitarians.

The drive took us from Glendale up the 134 to the Havenhurst exit off the 101 in Encino (The ride went on a more scenic and less busy route) where there were food trucks and vendor booths. Our hosts EDDIE TRUNK and KLOS DJ Melissa MAXX ruan the stage, and of course, LIVE Rock n’ Roll.

First band on the day were the “metal du jour” RAILGUN who hail from Long Beach, CA. They are younger guys, but are built on old school Thrash and being the first band on the bill when the ride hasn’t arrived is tough but we applaud their spirit and their talent and sound.

Next up, and playing their first gig, was CLASSLESS ACT. WOW! These youngsters who possess raw rock n’ roll intensity have a big career in front of them. Their stage presence, their songs, along with front man, Derek, who is already a Sunset Strip regular have no ceiling. Watch out for this band and check out the quick clip and our interview with them coming soon.

Next up was the SoCal LYNYRD SKYNYRD cover band, ONE MORE FROM THE ROAD, featuring the guitar wizardry of guest guitarist Armand of the Central Coast’s very own Night Demon (These guys would be a perfect fit for next year’s Ride for Ronnie). Although, I wasn’t able to catch most of their set due to the long the interview line, what I was able to hear was pretty damn good and they had the 3-guitar attack complete with 3-female backup singers.

We were then treated to a set from BEASTO BLANCO that I was pleasantly surprised by! As their sound live is much better than what I had heard from the studio so I am interested in seeing them with a full set and with all members present on their next run. Also, we will have 2 interviews coming from BEASTO BLANCO where one might be considered the “World’s Shortest Interview” and another that is completely fun and light hearted – much respect. Look forward to seeing them on “THE” carpet for 2018’s Bowl for Ronnie later this Fall, if schedule permits.

Next up was our friends in DIO DISCIPLES, who we have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with lately, yet not enough. Playing a shortened set and alternating singers between TIM ‘flying somewhere?” OWENS and ONI LOGAN; they definitely were the closest to home on the day as they (minus the singers) all shared the stage with our beloved RONNIE JAMES DIO. They without a doubt drew the largest crowd on the day. For those who do not know, Dio Disciples are the musicians that spent the most time with Ronnie during his solo years and the most enjoyable aspect is that they cover his entire professional career.

Just before closing this unforgettable day, with the always-entertaining Adler’s Appetite, an All-Star jam broke out. Featuring, to be honest from what we could actually see, the MIGHTY Ira Black (lead guitar), David Feinstein (guitar), Joe Retta (vox), and equally as kick’n artists on drums and bass (they would not have been on stage if not!)

You cannot just fade away on a day like today, nor burn out, for that matter. So ADLER’S APPETITIE, who actually, debuted their new singer CONSTANTINE MOURALIS (American Idol), was the perfect “closing time” band. While banging out an upbeat rock’n original and more than a couple of GUNS N’ ROSES classics, the crowd may have been more excited just to see STEVEN ADLER play and witness his smile as it light up the stage, then to actually listen. To be fair, it was hot… Much different than last years mix of rain, hail, and winter-like temperatures; I think most people were nursing post “Cinco de Mayo” antics.

The best part of this event for, MAentGlobal, was the handful of interviews we were able to do. Listening to stories about Dio, family cancer victories & struggles, upcoming releases and tours, and certainly seeing the giant white check on stage showing another five-digit fund collection, was a highlight! Of course when you get to stand with the matriarch of this wonderful institution and get to hear straight from, Mrs Wendy Dio as she shares some exciting news on recent medical advancements (like two years ahead of schedule) that the team of cancer research specialist have announced in regards to early NON evasive detection methods, was the best of the best.

This was the 4th annual Ride for Ronnie and in conjunction with the annual BOWL FOR RONNIE fundraising event coming later this Fall, we here at MAentGlobal will continue to spread the word and keep the loss of one of rock’s greatest vocalist, from being in vein. We hope you do as well, and share the love from this event. Enjoy the photos and (eventually) interviews, and as always… Please remember to LIKE, SHARE, and FOLLOW! Speaking of Like Sharing and Following... Head over to our YouTube channel and do just that!!!

Once we get 100 followers we'll be able to post as MAentGlobal and not some random series of numbers and letters... So help us while helping this worthy cause... Thanks to Mrs Dio!!!

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