QUEENSRYCHE / JOHN 5 Concert Review

ACE OF SPADES – Queensryche / JOHN 5 / Eve To Adam / Trigger Effect

Sacramento, CA


It hasn’t even been a year since the mighty QUEENSRYCHE has come to Sacramento and here I am again at Ace Of Spades seeing one of my favorite bands. While the last time in town I was able to speak with guitarist MICHAEL WILTON, the next interview will happen the next time I see them. (see here for the last interview https://youtu.be/p0xQWHopK_Y ).

TRIGGER EFFECT, hailing from Lodi, CA was the opening act and while the drummer was hidden in the corner, they put on a decent show and it was obvious to see their fans that came out early for the show. Up next was EVE TO ADAM who like Trigger Effect put on a good, polished show, but almost ‘too polished’ at times but it was good to see the singer jump to the barricade and interact with the crowd.

Up next was JOHN 5 who is nothing short of brilliant. For those that follow him on social media and see his family life, his KISS collection, or dressed in a onesie practicing guitar with his hairless cat, you know he’s as real as it gets. His skillset on guitar is virtually unmatched but he’s also an accomplished songwriter who has worked with many legendary artists over the years. Tonight, he has a shorter set than he’s accustomed to, but it doesn’t stop him from doing what he does. Rhythm section of IAN ROSS on bass and LOGAN MILES NIX on drums are just as flawless in their delivery as John is on guitar. How he transitions from simplicity in groove such as Crank It to chicken-pickin’ of his first love of music of Howdy to the quiet melodies of Cactus Flower, his originality and effortless playing is something to be admired.

When it’s time for Queensryche to take the stage, the crowd is more than ready, and they attack with Prophecy. What I admire about this quintet is that tour after tour they mix up the set list and while they play the expected hits, they also revolve other hits/singles in and out of the mix so hearing Breaking The Silence, No Sanctuary, and Resistance are all absolute treats. And as many have pointed out over the years, everyone thought that former singer GEOFF TATE could not be replaced but current frontman, TODD LA TORRE shines brighter than anybody else could have stepping into those shoes. This is not a slight at Geoff but stating that the band did not miss a beat. And they do not deny the current albums and play 4 tracks off the latest release which is something more legacy bands ignore or play 1 or 2 new songs. Given, many of the fans want the older songs, but it’s the true fans that purchase the new albums and seeing a younger generation against the barricade tonight singing every work to Man The Machine and Bent is so rewarding and the look on Michael and Todd’s face seeing this teen singing was priceless. The setlist is spot on and even if they played other tracks not in this list, they would still have a set that would make the fans happy. Another solid show from one of Washington’s finest, Queensryche!


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