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(Pyramid Theorem is, left to right:

Christian Di Mambro, Sam Ermellini, Stephan Di Mambro, Vito De Francesco)

NASHVILLE, TN (June 19, 2020) — Canadian-based progressive metal band Pyramid Theorem have announced their forthcoming album, Beyond The Exosphere, will be released on Friday, August 21. Produced and engineered by Rich Chycki (who’s previously put his stamp on releases by Rush, Dream Theater, Aerosmith, Pink, and Def Leppard, among others), the five-song sequence sees the group setting new benchmarks for their ability to fuse impassioned and memorable songwriting with mind-blowingly sophisticated, diverse, and virtuosic arrangements. The album’s lead single, “Freedom,” is available on all DSPs today. Click here to listen.

Yesterday, Metal Injection, partnered with the band to exclusively unveil “Freedom” ahead of today’s public release. Writer Jordan Blum raved that the song “evokes the menacing fury of Symphony X, but with the melodic wisdom of, say, King’s X and Jolly. It’s a concise yet dense composition brimming with catchy confidence and endlessly engaging instrumentation (such as stately bells and fiery guitarwork). It’s perhaps the most direct and accessible track on Beyond the Exosphere, too, so it’s a great way to get a taste of how ambitious and multifaceted the entire sequence is.”

Founded in the late 2000s, the band—bassist/vocalist Christian Di Mambro, keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Stephan Di Mambro, percussionist Vito De Francesco, and lead guitarist/vocalist Sam Ermellini—have already established themselves as unquenchably imaginative, determined, and skillful on their first two full-length statements (2012’s eponymous debut and 2017’s Element of Surprise) and prior EPs. As stellar as those records are, however, Pyramid Theorem’s forthcoming collection, Beyond The Exosphere, surpasses them in every respect.

Take, for instance, the wonderfully melodic, dynamic, symphonic, and heroic opening title track. It undeniably conjures Rush, Spock’s Beard, and Dream Theater, but it’s very idiosyncratic as well, with a level of performance, production, narrative, and songwriting quality—including fluid, emotional, and cosmic transitions from movement to movement—that many of the most established progressive metal outfits can’t match. It really is a tour-de-force of everything Pyramid Theorem has been working toward thus far, and at just under eighteen minutes in length, it deserves to be regarded as one of the greatest epic tracks of its generation.

“Under Control” offers a more concise slice of glorious density (with superb interplay between guitar and keyboard) whose 1980s-esque multilayered chorus is ripe for stadium sing-alongs. Afterward, “Freedom” is gruffer and more sinister, yet it still packs enough moving respites and inventive effects (namely, bells) to keep it satisfyingly flexible. Next, the penultimate “Closer to the End” works as a chameleonic ballad, juxtaposing flamboyant theatrics, hard-hitting intensity, and plenty of haunting atmospheric introspection with expert precision. Naturally, “Intonate” serves as a breathtaking finale that coats its brutal core with stirring vocal harmonies, empowering strings, calming acoustic guitar strums, and poignant piano motifs. Its larger-than-life jam fades away patiently during its final moments, leaving you with the sense of awe and catharsis that comes from completing a life-changing journey.

Track listing for Beyond The Exosphere:

“Beyond The Exosphere” (17:53)

“Under Control” (4:48)

“Freedom” (4:39)

“Closer To The End” (7:06)

“Intonate” (6:48)

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