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NEAERA vinyl reissues

After recently re-issuing Neaera's The Rising Tide Of Oblivion and Let The Tempest Come, Metal Blade Records is now releasing the next two albums in the band's catalog (for the first time ever on vinyl!): Armamentarium and Omnicide - Creation Unleashed. Purchase your copy now at Indie Merch in the USA or Kingsroad in Europe. See below for all available versions. Armamentarium -180g black vinyl -light olive-green/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 - EU-exclusive) -clear-black marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 - EU-exclusive) -yellow-white splatter vinyl (ltd. 100 - MB Shop-exclusive) -red-black marbled vinyl (ltd. 100 - US-exclusive) Omnicide - Creation Unleashed -180g black vinyl -red-black marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 - EU-exclusive) -white vinyl (ltd. 200 - EU-exclusive) -blood-splatter vinyl (ltd. 100 - MB Shop-exclusive) -clear-black marbled (ltd. 100 - US-exclusive)

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