Naglfar releases new visualizer clip of "Cry of the Serafim" today. The track is the third song taken from NAGLFAR's upcoming album, Cerecloth. Check out the clip that is based on the outstanding album artwork here: "With 'Cry of the Serafim' we wanted to explore a heavier and darker sound. Trying to create something different from what we usually do, while still keeping the NAGLFAR spirit intact," states NAGLFAR about the track. It has been a long eight years between releases for Umeå, Sweden's black metal nihilists NAGLFAR, but despite the wait, the band hasn't been resting on their laurels. Like any slumbering beast, NAGLFAR have returned from their respite ferocious and hungry with their seventh full-length album Cerecloth which is set for worldwide release on May 8th, 2020. Recorded and mixed by NAGLFAR guitarist Marcus Norman at Wolf's Lair Studio and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound, the underlying musical and lyrical themes of Cerecloth were succinctly and confidently described by guitarist Andreas Nilsson as, "the usual death and destruction". Judging from Andreas' curt description, and the grim, ghostly cover art from the renowned artist Kristian Wåhlin and layout by Seiya Ogino of Ogino Design, certain death is exactly what listeners will experience with Cerecloth.

NAGLFAR is Kristoffer W. Olivius (vocals), Andreas Nilsson (guitar), andMarcus E. Norman (guitar). Watch "Vortex of Negativity: YouTube Watch "Cerecloth": YouTube





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