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Bay Area post-metal, doomgazers MOUNTAINEER have released their widely acclaimed, third full-length album, Bloodletting,” today with Lifeforce Records. The band celebrates the debut with a new music video for the record’s latest epic, atmospheric single, “Apart.” Purchase/stream the album and watch the video at the links below.

WATCH THE VIDEO FOR “APART”: https://youtu.be/t1dqMXSXnIQ

Critics and fans have welcomed “Bloodletting” with high praise. Here’s what some are saying: “If you are looking for a highly emotional and yet crushing Sludge/Post-Metal/Doom release, “Bloodletting” is one hell of a journey to undertake..” - InfernalMasquerade.com “It's just the right blend of post-metal and doom, a space where both can exist in symphony and, sometimes, opposition.” - InvisibleOranges.com “This is high-quality skyscraping metal, doom, gloom, and shoegaze. No, wait, that’s not quite right. This is anti-doom- intent on crushing you with light and not darkness- and more like stargaze than shoegaze.” - NewNoiseMagazine.com Bloodletting by Mountaineer is the perfect example of a band that progress their songwriting skills with every record.” - EverythingIsNoise.net “The music offered up here is auditory catharsis. It’s mix of beauty, melody, grandeur and epic heaviness is the metaphorical opening of floodgates...At times they are Porcupine Tree, at others Alcest, Yob, Converge, My Dying Bride. At others, none of those.” - Avenoctum.com “Bloodletting is an album to lose yourself in.” - Moshville.co.uk More from Bloodletting: “The Weeds I Have Tended” Music Video - https://youtu.be/QNQk-tMeW7w “Shot Through With Sunlight” Music Video - https://youtu.be/r_FFWA3U1X0 “Ghost Story” Music Video - https://youtu.be/bQpUEfI_Je4 The Making of “Bloodletting” Mini-Documentary - https://youtu.be/mp1sx6iPl_A MOUNTAINEER’s new record, Bloodletting, follows the band’s critically heralded, 2018 sophomore record, “Passages.” The band will support the new record on the road as soon as touring resumes.

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