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View / Share MIKE LEPOND'S SILENT ASSASSINS' "Ides of March" Video HERE.

MIKE LEPOND'S SILENT ASSASSINS will release their anticipated new full-length, Whore Of Babylon, via Silver Lining Music on June 26th.

Forging a union between the mighty worlds of heavy metal and ancient history, Whore Of Babylon serves as the band's third studio album and is a no-holds barred, gauntlet-thrown, true heavy metal mission led by LEPOND, known worldwide as one of the foremost bass virtuosos in heavy metal music and a member of progressive metal band Symphony X.

In advance of the record's release, LEPOND is pleased to unveil a lyric video for "Ides of March" noting of the heroic track, "Bang your head to the gallop of Julius Caesar, as he rides for the glory of Rome. Scream the chorus loud and proud for the glory of heavy metal!"

View "Ides of March" at THIS LOCATION.

View previously released videos, "Dracul Son" and "Ironborn," at THIS LOCATION.

Whore Of Babylon was recorded between various tours with Symphony X in Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo's home studio. LEPOND also plays all rhythm guitars, while the core of SILENT ASSASSINS - vocalist Alan Tecchio and guitarist Lance Barnewold - remains the same. From the scintillating fury of "Dracul Son" to the baroque mystery of the title track, with Whore Of Babylon LEPOND has written and produced the sort of album that traditional metalheads have been dreaming of. Amidst the furious aural assault, LEPOND also marches through the tales of some of history's most fascinating and brutal characters.

MIKE LEPOND'S SILENT ASSASSINS' Whore Of Babylon will be released on CD and digital formats. D2C bundles are also available. For preorders, go to THIS LOCATION.

As the world spins on an axis weirder and crazier than any of us could've predicted even a month ago, there is more purpose and value in knowing your history than ever before. When that learning is wrapped in the sort of molten metal that is Whore Of Babylon, education becomes so much better. Listening to MIKE LEPOND'S SILENT ASSASSINS is a gateway to halting the cycle of human ignorance: a sentence you might've thought you'd never read, but one which can most certainly bear the finest of fruit... that and it will push your speakers to the brink of metal-motivated madness.

"With Whore Of Babylon, MLSA reminds us that the power of the riff, an intriguing lyric, and melodic heaviness are at the core of our beloved genre of music. There is a purity to the songs on Whore Of Babylon that is true to the rawness of heavy music. This is not about perfection but instinctive performance..." -- Metal Nation

"...a bombastic and over the top metal experience..." -- Wormwood Chronicles

"MIKE LEPOND and his enthusiastic band mates show once again how well done and powerful heavy metal should sound. Without losing the basic structures, LEPOND gives this album so many twists and turns that you want to press the start button again." -- Markus Heavy Music Blog

"In simple terms, this is just good heavy metal music, in its classic definition. There are elements of power metal, prog metal, speed metal, folk metal, and just straightforward rock 'n' roll, but the riffs and attack here hearken to the genre's first halcyon days without sounding dated or wistful. LEPOND and his crew use motifs and styles from across the decades to prove that metal is every bit as relevant today as it's ever been. There are some quieter moments, but overall, Whore Of Babylon is a ferocious and heavy experience." -- Metal Asylum

MIKE LEPOND'S SILENT ASSASSINS: Mike LePond - four/eight-string basses, rhythm/acoustic guitars, backing vocals Alan Tecchio - lead/backing vocals Lance Barnewold - lead guitars on tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 Rod Rivera - lead guitars on tracks 4, 5, 10 Sarah Teets - flute, lead, backing vocals on track 5 Michael Romeo - drum programming, keyboards, orchestration, mandolin Michael Pinnella - piano on track 3, organ on track 10, backing vocals

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