MADBALL 'For The Cause' Nuclear Blast

Here is another review of another legacy artist this week (AT THE GATES the other) that I first became acquainted with in tape trading in the late 80’s. MADBALL hit me on the backside of a tape that had SEPULTURA and NUCLEAR ASSAULT. My friend told me that this band had an attitude similar to Nuclear Assault but wasn’t as thrashy but more just ‘heavy’ and from then I became a fan of the band.

Nearly 30 years later and I’m putting on FOR THE CAUSE and am immediately punched in the face with leadoff track Smile Now Pay Later as this is a typical ‘hardcore’ song with the signature groove, positive anger (is that an oxymoron?), and less than 4 minutes long which leads into a more up-tempo track in Rev Up which has gang vocals in the pre-chorus and into a melodic finish with gang chants ‘Yeah’ and this all happens with less than 140 seconds of song. Track 3 keeps the pace moving and the circle pit circling to be redundant until all hell breaks lose with a breakdown in the middle when the ‘karate kid’ style kicks will break loose. Evil Ways is a typical number but is given new life through the guest vocal courtesy of ICE T who has one of the most recognizable voices on the market and not to mention BODY COUNT had one of the best albums of 2017! We even have the Spanish vocals on Es Tu Vida which isn’t the first time this happened within the genre.

NYHC is loyal, strong, and always meaningful! What they bring to the table has a purpose and 30 years later it’s just as strong if not stronger as we have all grown older and hopefully wiser. Madball (spawned from AGNOSTIC FRONT) has respect from the old school and hopefully the newer generation that missed them previously will give this a listen and understand where some of the bands they listen to today came from…..roots run deep as does respect in Hardcore!

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