MAD MAX Releases New Single and Video! New album 35 out August 10, 2018!

The first single 'Beat Of The Heart' stands out among the eleven songs on the forthcoming album 35 for a number of reasons. On one hand the track could be described as the 2018 successor of Mad Max'smost important hit 'Night Of Passion', and on the other hand the band members have made their longstanding dream come true with the video that supports the song. "For once in the history of Mad Max, we wanted to shoot a video that has the look and the cinematic quality of a real little motion picture. Thanks to the support of our sponsor Hubert Teichmann, we got that opportunity at last."

By way of explanation: Hubert Teichmann, among other things the owner of the private "Staudenbahn" railway line near Augsburg, has been a staunch patron of the arts for a number of years - again the term "idealism" comes to mind! - and he supplied the financial means that enabled Mad Max to shoot a video clip in Berlin with a number of actors, among them leading man Vinzenz Kiefer (The Baader Meinhof Complex, the action/crime drama series Alarm für Cobra 11, Jason Bourneand director/screenwriter Oliver Betke


You can watch the video HERE.

35 will be released as CD DigiPak version, limited vinyl version, download and stream on August 10th 2018 through SPV/Steamhammer. Pre-order the album HERE

Track Listing:

1. The Hutch 01:07 (Intro)

2. Running To Paradise 4:25

3. Beat Of The Heart 3:30

4. D.A.M.N.  4:45

5. Snowdance  4:13

6. Thirty 5  4:02

7. Already Gone  3:44

8. False Freedom  4:50

9. Goodbye To You  4:18

10. Rocky Road  6:32

11. Paris Is Burning 04:08 (Bonus Track)

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