“I HAVE FRYING PAN!” Ronald Osbourne yelled into the microphone at The Foundry here in the city of Philadelphia. Dressed in his Alice Cooper-esque clown makeup, and bright yellow and red fringed outfit, Ronald Osbourne, frontman for the fast food parody band, (or ‘drive-thru metal’ band as they describe themselves) Mac Sabbath, commanded the stage last Thursday night, making an audience of metalheads looking for a good time extremely happy.

But first, starting out the night was the first band of the touring pair, Galactic Empire, who turned the soundtrack of the beloved science fiction and action movie franchise Star Wars into a metal lover’s paradise. With Darth Vader and his son Kylo Ren along with the rest of the Imperial Empire, they had no trouble burning the roof of The Foundry down with their shred. Along with the band’s overall overwhelming talent, they also followed up their performance with equally as wonderful comedic banter, even using the force on a member of the rebel alliance. Galactic Empire was definitely the perfect touring partner for Mac Sabbath, and set the tone perfectly for the rest of the evening.

After Galactic Empire’s departure, it was time for Mac Sabbath to take the stage. Ronald Osbourne, accompanied by guitarist Slayer McCheese, bassist GrimAlice, and drummer who goes by the name the CatBurglar, Mac Sabbath is truly everything that is good and great about rock and roll parody. The genre ranges from groups like Steel Panther, and Galactic Empire (that as mentioned above, so happened to be touring with Mac Sabbath on the I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This tour). Each have had their fair share of truly amazing musicians that simply own the the parody genre, and Mac Sabbath without a doubt ranks high on this list.

Mac Sabbath’s set started out with the drop of a curtain yellow and red colored curtain, revealing the band in all of their glory, playing the first notes of Black Sabbath’s iconic tune ‘Black Sabbath’, a wild looking Ronald Osbourne appearing onstage, wrapped up in a yellow straight jacket (Alice Cooper anyone, eh?). The night was pure genius from the start. Not only are each and every one of their members extremely talented musically, their stage show and comedic energies are just as wonderful as their musical ability. In order to pull off a stage show such as Mac Sabbath’s, you NEED the talent, and this band without a doubt has ‘it’. Re-watching videos from the event, the audience was even seen moshing. The tiny, four hundred and fifty person capacity venue couldn’t stop heavy metal fans from jamming to the tunes of Sabbath and to the smells of fast food.

Ronald Osbourne’s uncanny similarities to Ozzy’s stage persona is one for the books, his stage banter including Ozzy’s iconic laugh, as well as his classic ‘Ozzy clap’ makes you feel like the Prince of Darkness is right in front of you dressed as a clown with smeared makeup. Along with Osbourne’s amazing mimicry of Ozzy Osbourne, Slayer McCheese’s incredibly ability to recreate Tony Iommi’s iconic riffs as well as Iommi’s iconic look (with the hamburger head of course) is simply brilliant. The CatBurglar was adorned in Peter Criss of KISS-esque makeup, fit with a pinstriped shirt to complete the look, and GrimAlice was also fully dressed in his iconic costume (I can only imagine how hot it was for the poor guy under the big purple suit).

The band broke out into numerous Black Sabbath classics, all of the lyrics changed to fit their fast food theme. Some examples of these being, “Finish up the quarter pounder / all that beef we have to find / Need to grow cows faster faster / faster faster all the time” to the tune of Black Sabbath’s classic Paranoid. Instead Mac Sabbath’s rendition is called, ‘Pair-A-Buns.’ Some Mac Sabbath songs are along the likes of ‘Frying Pan’ (instead of ‘Iron Man’), ‘GMO-Blind’ (instead of SnowBlind), More Ribs (instead of War Pigs), and many more. It’s almost like Black Sabbath’s songs were made to be changed into fast food song titles.

The band kept the comedy going the entire night. Ronald Osbourne squirting the audience with ketchup and mustard bottles filled with water, even taking an iconic page from Ozzy’s book and teasing the audience with buckets of ‘water’ that were really just filled with red confetti. As well as props, frontman Osbourne kept up playful banter to the audience the entire night, working in truly clever puns that only true metal and hard rock fans would understand, like ‘Geoff Tatertot’, ‘Dokken Donuts’, ‘Cinnabon Jovi’, ‘Dairy Queensrÿche’, ’Chick-fil-AC/DC’, and so many more.

I walked into the not truly knowing what to expect. Yes, all in all I was expecting Black Sabbath songs covered by performers dressed in McDonald’s-like costumes, but I left with SO much more. Mac Sabbath is truly an experience. And I fully stand by my dramatic praise. Their show is a package deal; both music and theatrics contributing to their success. They wouldn’t be quite as understood if it wasn’t for their killer stage show and stage personas that they’ve so miraculously developed over the years of the bands creation.

One of the most interesting aspects of the band is the pure imagination you have of each and every musician behind these characters. The lack of identification of the true artistic minds behind characters such as Slayer McCheese and GrimAlice brings back the feeling that so many said they felt in the early 1970’s with bands like KISS. The pure mystery and anticipation of who was behind the makeup, (in this case, who is under the giant cheeseburger head). Even though Mac Sabbath is on a smaller scale then the world domination of KISS in the 70’s, the band without a doubt brings back the wonder.

It was also great to have the opportunity to chat quickly with Ronald Osbourne himself after the show, still fully within his stage character of course, we posed for a picture that deserves to be framed.

To sum up: Grab your hamburger, french fries, and your coca cola and RUN—don’t walk to see this show. It is definitely not one you want to miss.

Check out for the rest of the band’s upcoming tour dates and to see your favorite drive-thru metal band in action.

Also, feel free to let us at MA Entertainment know what YOU thought of the band if you’ve attended one of their performances.

All in all, Mac Sabbath scores a 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 in my book, and I will be sure to ketch(up) them every time they’re in the PA area—(see what I did there? ha).

Sydney Taylor

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