LUCIFER III - a review


Last summer LUCIFER rolled through Sacramento shortly after they played PSYCHO VEGAS. I was excited because I was going to be able to sit with the band and have a conversation. Yes, I wanted to see them live but talking with this band was something I was looking forward to due to my curious nature in how they obtain their sounds. On a sad note, I didn’t hear from the Tour Manager in sufficient time as upon my arrival to the now closed Blue Lamp, I was ushered into the venue and its makeshift dressing room and within 3 minutes of our conversation the openers started to perform and there went the interview. DAMNIT!

Here we are in March of 2020 and Lucifer III has been released and as we did discuss briefly this past summer, this album was going to be the next step and it most certainly is what was discussed. Opening with the punchy Ghosts, vocalist JOHANNA SADONIS croons deeply and launches into her signature sound on the chorus. When we move into Midnight Phantom we hear the heavy doom bounce, the eerie verses, and a signature chorus which is catchy with some layers of vocals that when those headphones are on keep you guessing where to focus in the mix. If you are a fan of horror movies, and when you pay attention to some of the movies made in recent years (i.e. HOUSE OF THE DEVIL), you can see Lucifer being the soundtrack to those escapes and they possess the same package.

With each listen there is a new discovery whether it’s piano parts, guitar tones, choruses, snare drum parts, etc. The album while simplistic in overall sound, it’s still complete. Pacific Blues sounds like it could have been lifted from the Deliverance album from CORROSION OF CONFORMITY with it’s guitar melodies and overall stomp. This album is deep with memorable choruses and grooves I find myself humming long after listening. When KIRK WINDSTEIN released Dream In Motion in January, I knew it was going to be a Top 10 album of 2020 and now I can say that Lucifer will easily join that club as this album is strong from start to finish as it is raw, timeless, catchy, groovy, heavy, haunting, and a must have!


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