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  1. "We are excited to give you our third single, the third song on our third album. Please, welcome the Leather Demon into this dreary world. We have summoned up this pale creature, a symbol of good old fun: hard rock, leather jackets, cigarettes and cemeteries. You may take the demon's hand for a full moon slow dance on the grave of modern civilization and take a step back in time when everyone at the rock show had long hair or at least a leather jacket and a record player at home. It's never too late to let your freak flag fly! Long live the Leather Demon," states LUCIFER frontwoman Johanna Sadonis.

You can order your very own copy of Lucifer III HERE. The album is available in the following formats are available:

CD Digipakblack LP+CDDigital albumred LP+CDtransp. sun yellow LP+CDgolden LP+CDtransp. petrol green LP+CDwhite LP+CDlilac LP+CDdark green LP+CDLtd. silver LP+CD

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