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MA's Hardrockcore doing his first reveal... Tell us what you think...

Meanwhile in a undisclosed converted spare bedroom... Mark gave the new album a listen...

I don’t know that I would so much call this a review rather than a train of thought. I’m not going to sit here, type this, and tell everyone that I am a true punk/rockabilly/rebel country lover but I am a true lover of music. Yes, I do own a few albums from SOCIAL DISTORTION and have always respected their dedication to their craft and found frontman MIKE NESS to be the epitome of his genre. So what we have here are some reissues that came out on April 6th and our good publicist friend Aaron was kind enough to send these our way. As you can see above in the video and I am extremely grateful.

Growing up my Dad was a fan of outlaw country and if he were alive today it would have been nice to take these records to his place and enjoy tracks like Long Black Veil, You Win Again (HANK WILLIAMS cover), Once A Day, or even Crimes Don’t Pay because I know he enjoyed BRIAN SETZER as he guests on this track. But what I truly appreciate about what Mike Ness does, is simply be himself. He writes from the heart, doesn’t ponder what will/won’t sell, and stays true to his roots of JOHNNY CASH and WOODY GUTHRIE.

Given these are reissues, there’s always something special about physical copies of music which I miss that experience of opening something new, reading the liner notes, lyrics, and the ever so pleasantly peculiar smell of new vinyl! Thank You Mike Ness and Aaron for allowing me to revisit the lost forgotten art of ‘physical’ music!

Cheating At Solitaire - Track Listing :

A1: The Devil In Miss Jones

A2: Don't Think Twice

A3: Misery Loves Company (with Bruce Springsteen)

A4: Crimes Don't Pay (with Brian Setzer)

B1: Rest Of Our Lives

B2: You Win Again

B3: Cheating At Solitaire

B4: No Man's Friend

C1: Charmed Life

C2: Dope Fiend Blues (with Billy Zoom)

C3: Ballad Of A Lonely Man

C4: I'm In Love With My Car

D1: If You Leave Before Me

D2: Long Black Veil

D3: Send Her Back

D4: Company C

Under The Influences - Track Listing :

A1: All I Can Do Is Cry

A2: Gamblin' Man

A3: Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing

A4: I Fought The Law

A5: Big Iron

A6: One More Time

A7: Six More Miles

B1: A Thief In The Night

B2: Once A Day

B3: Funnel Of Love

B4: House Of Gold

B5: Wildwood Flower

B6: Ball and Chain (Honky Tonk)

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