"Right up there with her best" —Echoes Magazine Lisa Stansfield, the powerhouse vocalist and songwriter, released "Billionaire," the first official single from her forthcoming album Deeper, and a fine example of her songcraft and her ability to capture a soap opera in a song. "If I had a dollar for every time you said you love me, I'd be a billionaire" "If I walked a mile for every time you meant the words, I'd still be right here." Listen to "Billionaire" here.   

The song is available via iTunes and Spotify, as well.

Deeper is out April 6 via earMUSIC.

Written by Stansfield and her songwriting partner Ian Devaney, produced by Ian and Mark "Snowboy" Cotgrove, and with Stansfield taking the role of executive producer, Deeper is the iconic soul singer's eighth studio album.

Speaking about the record the Grammy nominated, multi-BRIT, Ivor Novello and Silver Clef Award winner said, "Creating this album was a wonderful adventure. I really believe there's a special something in this record. I'm so excited to let it go out into the big wide world with pride." Stansfield's contribution to British soul is undeniable with a string of hit singles including "All Around the World," "All Woman," "The Real Thing," and many award-winning albums. Her unmistakable voice has been a constant presence on the dance floor and airwaves ever since 1989. Most recently she returned to the Top 20 of the UK album charts with her seventh studio album Seven. A gorgeous and personal collection of her trademark soul, the 2014 record was a reminder of why the artist has sold nearly 20 million records worldwide and had a string of international top 10 hits.  And with Deeper, her successful streak shows no signs of stopping.

DEEPER TRACK LISTING: 1. Everything 2. Twisted 3. Desire 4. Billionaire 5. Coming Up for Air 6. Love of My Life 7. Never Ever 8. Hercules 9. Hole In My Heart 10. Just Can't Help Myself 11. Deeper 12. Butterflies 13. Ghetto Heaven

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