LIGHT THE TORCH Revival - Nuclear Blast

When your business goes wrong and you have to recreate your model, this is an example of how to come back stronger than ever. When legal woes threatened the future of DEVIL YOU KNOW, they dropped the name, some other legal things happened (yes, not rehashing all of it), and created LIGHT THE TORCH (LtT). While I was aware of the band thanks to THE JASTA SHOW (Jamey Jasta’s Podcast on the Gas Digital Network), I was actually expecting this to be more in the vein of DYK. But DAMN!

When I heard the first public track, Die Alone, there was something evident in the music that LtT was going to simplify the songs, focus more on grooves, more on hooks, and deliver something different than its predecessor. There was an Active Rock type feel that was a good lead in to the rest of the album. And now that the album is on shelves (well, you know what I mean) it’s great to hear tracks like The Safety Of Disbelief, Raise The Dead, and The Great Divide which if with a true radio campaign could be a crossover hit to catapult LtT to the level they deserve. And I love the line, “I often pray to Gods I never served, but now I know this can be the end of us!” There are dynamics and effects that could be played between Active Rock acts like FOO FIGHTERS, LINKIN PARK, and SEETHER.

HOWARD JONES is going to cement himself as a true singer. Not that he hadn’t already, but many people don’t ‘understand’ the screaming that you heard with DYK, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, or BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED. What helps this round is that even when the music is driving, like in the verses to The Bitter End, the vocals are still clean and the melodies which were constructed are brilliant and to think Howard does this just be going for hikes and walks to clear his head and doesn’t record it is nothing short of amazing. He has poured out his soul in his lyrics so take a deep dive to understand his passion for where he’s at these days.

If LtT can land the right tours, get the right radio push, this bands future can grow to the levels of other heavy bands such as DISTURBED, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, and VOLBEAT. Whatever the future holds, just as I was for DYK, I will be here for LtT! Looking forward to seeing them on the road and hopefully setting up an interview and doing live photography with them.



Howard Jones (Vocals)

Francesco Artusato (Guitars)

Ryan Wombacher (Bass)

Mike "Scuzz" Sciulara (drums)

@LTTorchBand on Twitter

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