"LIFE GOES ON" — Big Guns FT. Rachel Lorin Review!

Photo Credit: Jeff Smith of Reflections NYC.

The first time I saw Big Guns perform live was coincidentally the first time I saw vocalist Rachel Lorin as well. The group featuring Lorin opened up for Sebastian Bach at my favorite venue in the whole world, The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY back in 2016, at the time opening my mind even more to bands in the local scene. The band, who's been entertaining audiences since the late 80's, has opened for numerous names along the likes of Sebastian Bach, Y&T, and Dokken as well as MANY more. NYC based rock and roll vocalist Rachel Lorin, now signed to renowned record label Frontiers SRL, is taking the rock world by storm and is a perfect addition to the band when they hit the stage together. The group incorporates multiple covers into their sets such as Tesla's 'Hang Tough' and Whitesnake's 'Still of The Night'. But back in January of this year, Big Guns with the help of Lorin released their own original single, 'Life Goes On'.

'Life Goes On' is the third track off of the band's record entitled, Re-Loaded which was just released this past March. The single has a very melodic-rock type feel, and with the vocal stylings and harmonies of both Kevin (Big Guns vocalist) and Lorin, it makes for an interesting track. Rachel Lorin, known for her incredible screams (paired with her lower vocals), nails it in this recording. The single definitely has a 1980's rock feel to it (while still staying unique to their individual sound). It sounds like it could've been recorded on the Sunset Strip, which is a huge reason it appeals so heavily to me, as well as to a majority of the audiences they play to.

One of the most important parts of any song really is of course the chorus, and this song without a doubt has a chorus that within the first listen, you can learn the words and sing along to. The primary guitar riff is prevalent throughout the entirety of the track as well. A simple blueprint for a song, but the simplicity of it makes it all work so well and creates a rather enjoyable listening experience. Feel free to listen to the track below.

The single has also been catching the air waves quite a bit and can be caught playing on stations along the likes of WVMR-NY and Z-93 NY as well as numerous other stations not only around the NYC and tri-state areas, but around the country!

Photo Credit: Joe Raap Photography.

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Big Guns Is:

Frank - Guitar/Vox Kerry - Bass/Vox Kevin - Vox Joe - Guitar John - Drums Rachel Lorin - Vox

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