LA GUNS - I cannot wait for you to hear what I just heard - it will not LET YOU DOWN

LA GUNS (the real one, not the fake one) have released 2 albums THE MISSING PEACE (2017) and THE DEVIL YOU KNOW (2019) which have been some of their best music in the past 20 years. Having TRACII GUNS (guitars) and PHIL LEWIS (vocals) put their past behind them (see the interview here - on YouTube) was the smartest move they could have made.

I saw a mention a couple days ago from EDDIE TRUNK that he heard some new music from LA GUNS and was giving it his seal of approval. Just a few moments ago a little birdy (take skal du have - I hope I got that right) dropped me something special and....


Next level material for LA GUNS!

I can't recall a song of this emotional depth in tonal quality nor emotional maturity that touches these new heights that LET YOU DOWN has accomplished. This will impress the diehard fans and should gain them many new fans as well as bring back some that have drifted away.The band being rounded out by JOHNNY MARTIN (bass), ACE VON JOHNSON (guitar), and SCOT COOGAN (drums) spent a good portion on the road and I hope to hear more music in the near future.









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