MARCH 6TH, 2018...

...was a damn good night for metal in Philadelphia. German thrash metal band Kreator hit the 2,500 capacity venue, The Fillmore, with Swedish power metal band Sabaton last week, creating a show filled with mosh pits and lots and lots of head-banging.

The night started with a massive line outside the venue waiting for doors to open and said fans rushing onto the floor to get to the very front of the stage, right against the barricade. Cyhra started the night off, getting the audience into the rock and roll mood. They rolled out a number of high energy songs, setting the night off to an unbelievable start. Lead singer Jake E even making a comment before one of their final songs saying, ‘…hold up your phone flashlights and lighters like you’re at a Scorpions concert in the year 1987!’ Now that was a prospect I could get behind… 

After Cyhra left the stage, it was time to prep for German rockers, Kreator. The sound of metal filled the venue getting fans pumped up, more than they already were after the night’s start with Cyhra. Playing songs from the legendary Ronnie James Dio, one of my favorite bands Queensrÿche, and one of my personal Maiden favorites, ‘Run To The Hills’ which every fan including myself sang with pride as we waited for Kreator to take the stage. 

Within seconds of the band taking the stage, the metal gods were summoned as a giant mosh pit opened up in the back of the venue that I somehow managed to dodge. Although Anthrax had other plans, getting ‘caught in a mosh’ was out of the question for me. Kreator opened up with the tune Phantom Antichrist and throughout the night played some of their most notable songs such as ‘Pleasure to Kill’, ‘Flag of Hate’, and one of their most recent popular tunes, ‘Satan Is Real’. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Mille Petrozza challenged the crowd the entire set, encouraging circle pits, and an ever growing mosh pit, stating that the word in Germany is that on the east coast, Philadelphia has some of the biggest mosh pits around. The Philadelphia crowd lived up to Petrozza’s claim and kept a wide circle on the floor throughout the entire night.

Next up was Sabaton, and I just have to say that I haven’t seen such an enthused and passionate crowd in 2018 yet such as the crowd that I saw when the Swedish rock group hit the stage. Known for their lyrics centered around the theme of war, Sabaton had props around the stage such as old fashioned World War I and II battle helmets attached to their mic stands, and accompanying props adorned along the base of the drum kit. Each member of the band also came out wearing pants adorned in black, grey, and white camouflage, as well as lead singer Joakim Brodén wearing chest armor. 

They opened up with the song ‘Ghost Division’ and went into songs like, ‘Cliffs of Gallipoli’, ‘Uprising’, ‘Resist and Bite’, and many more. Although Sabaton’s take on power metal is far from my average cup of tea, seeing the passion of all the fans there was quite the experience. 

There is no doubt that Sabaton has a unique, spirited, and adrenalized audience that brings as much energy to the show as the band does which is so incredibly important. As a music lover, there is nothing more amazing than seeing true love for artists and the art they create. This love was definitely seen in Philly last Tuesday.

If you’re looking for a good heavy metal show, be sure to catch Kreator and Sabaton when they come to your town. Although their joint tour is over, the two bands are still hitting cities around the world this spring and summer. 

Be sure to head over to and https://www.sabaton.netto check out future dates.

Cyhra: 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

Kreator: 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

Sabaton: 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

If you say the tour, don’t be scared to let us know what you thought of the show!

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Sydney Taylor

IG: @sydneytaylorofficial

Twitter: @STaylorOfficial

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