HOLY DIVER Sacramento, CA 6.11.18

HOLY DIVER in Sacramento is quickly becoming the home away from home with the plethora of shows they bring us and it’s only 20 minutes from home, easy parking in the neighborhood nearby, and a staff the remembers those who come out often so props to the crew at Holy Diver!

Staring off the night at an early hour, Toronto’s own SUMO CYCO have the job of breaking the ice and feel they created crushed ice because they brought the noise and had the crowd into their vibe. Coming from a pop background, singer SKYE knows how to engage the crowd, work the stage, as well as work the crowd running through the masses and even jumping on top of the back bar to get a shot. Her pop sensibility is evident but does not engross the groove, power, nor intensity. She commands the crowd and gets them to kneel-down but then 30 seconds later they rise and are jumping up and down. I was impressed and their live show earned them many a new fan on this night. Interview is posting soon to YouTube to be sure to check it out!

SUMO CYCO - 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

Next up was ISLANDER who had been through town and played at Aftershock, but I can’t say I was impressed nor was I impressed with their debut album. In my opinion, there’s a lack of originality (POD and DEFTONES already exist) and the feeling I get is they are Jonny Come Lately’s who missed the boat and are trying to catch up.


Having only seen NONPOINT back on Ozzfest many years ago, I was curious to know how they would come across today and they are move potent today than when they were hungry youths. Their last 2 albums were represented in the song mix tonight, even a new song in the set, and some from their debut STATEMENT. The band maintains their early roots and ‘nu-metal’ savvy but like most from that era, they have darkened their sound and added more solos and heaviness to their songs and their fans have stayed with them throughout the process. Also noted, when their next album comes out in August, fans who paid for the VIP experience have already heard it which is a cool way to connect with the diehards who pay for that opportunity.

NONPOINT - 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

At this point, the room with the hot Sacramento weather is at a peak as the entire crowd is sweating. And given the fact that the San Francisco show was cancelled, I wish there would have been more notice because I’m sure some of those in the Bay would have made the trek. But with the energy Nonpoint brought forth, BUTCHER BABIES had their work cut out for them as unfortunately some of the crowd departed which is a major downer. But vocalists CARLA and HEIDI tackle the opportunity headstrong and blast through the first town songs of the set coming from their most recent release. BB are a visual band with their show but the smaller stage restricts but the smoke machine and lights are a delight and the crowd is very active from the start with bouncing and moshing. Something often overlooked with this band is the caliber of some of the musicianship involved as the image may have overshadowed them early in their career but if we open our minds you will appreciate the growth in their songwriting and vocal abilities.


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