King Diamond: 'Abigail', 'Fatal Portrait', 'Them' LP re-issues now available via Metal Blade Records

On May 18th, King Diamond will release LP re-issues of the classic albums Abigail, Fatal Portrait, and Them via Metal Blade Records. Available as 180g picture discs, these exclusive editions can be purchased now at:

"You can spiral yourself into darkness with these classic King Diamond albums, or you can exhibit them on your wall like I will. Either way, enjoy." - King

See below for the albums' track-listings, and stay tuned for more King Diamondre-issues coming soon!

Abigail track-listing: SIDE A 1. Funeral 2. Arrival 3. A Mansion in Darkness 4. The Family Ghost 5. The 7th Day of July 1777 SIDE B 6. Omens 7. The Possession 8. Abigail 9. Black Horsemen

Fatal Portrait track-listing: SIDE A 1. The Candle 2. The Jonah 3. The Portrait 4. Dressed in White SIDE B 5. Charon 6. Lurking in the Dark 7. Halloween 8. Voices from the Past 9. Haunted

Them track-listing: SIDE A 1. Out from the Asylum 2. Welcome Home 3. The Invisible Guests 4. Tea 5. Mother's Getting Weaker SIDE B 6. Bye, Bye, Missy 7. A Broken Spell 8. The Accusation Chair 9. Them 10. Twilight Symphony 11. Coming Home

King Diamond online:

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