Killthrax Tour Anaheim, Ca

Guest Contributor: Bobby Nassiri

Beginning this review already with a guilty conscious, ... Heading to the House of Blues in Anaheim I knew I shouldn't be going out for multiple reasons weekday/work day/valentines day .. etc .. Whatever, but there was absolutely no way I could miss a Killswitch Engage show. The guilty conscious comes in here ... I didn't stay for Anthrax ... I know I know.

I got to the Venue a few hours early, the show was completely sold out, and not being the tallest of dudes I knew I needed to get there early enough to get close enough to not have to be looking between two tall guys shoulder..

Doors opened at 6 and the House of Blues got packed quick, this was my second time at the new and improved Anaheim location ... Don't quote me but I feel like its at least 3x bigger than the original in Disney. 

First up was Havok ... To be honest and due to my bias I just wanted to get the show rolling and get to the band I wanted to see but I gotta hand it to 'em .... Havok brought it, you know when you go to a show and the opening bands sound, sounds like absolute garbage and as each band comes on closer to the headliner the quality improves gets louder  and better. Well like I said Havok was prepared, came in loud and heavy and right off the bat, song number one they opened up the pit with their own version of a Wall of Death. Havok was really impressive live, super talented dudes, catchy thrash riffs and a pretty large following in the crowd. Next time Havok is around I'll definitely make an effort to get to that show.

Up next Killswitch Engage...

Lights shut off and their AC/DC "For Those About to Rock" intro came on, with a silly Adam D voice over in his monster voice exclaiming Fire! This set the tone right off the bat, prepare for a good time, and right into one of their biggest hits Rose of Sharyn. Every Horn on every hand was raised.

Killswitch Engage is a band that doesn't have filler songs and gave the Anaheim crowd hit after hit. What made this Killswitch show special and memorable was that it is very apparent, these guys are having a blast on stage. From Adam D running back and forth on stage all night interacting with the crowd, making faces, waving, shaking his ass, and his infamous silly voices and antics. Jesse interacting with the crowd and visibly feeling every verse, every word he wrote in each of his songs, and Mike running around tossing his explorer bass over his head and singing along with the crowd. Not only does each band member look like they are enjoying themselves and interact with the crowd, but the crowd participation throughout this show was unreal, 100% participation, the audience's singing along was loud and gave me goosebumps.  Killswitch gave us 17 of their greatest hits and closed the night with a tribute to Ronnie James Dio performing Holy Diver, once the Chorus began Joey Belladonna came on stage and performed the remainder of the song with the band. This was a SHOW from the visualization, lights, sound quality and the Anaheim crowd showed up. So stoked i made the show.

Bummed I had to leave Anthrax but I'm definitely not disappointed. 

Killer show 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘for sure.

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