Kalen Chase (VIMIC, KORN) Discusses Songwriter Roots and New Single “Good Things” After Years of Work in Metal via

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Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Kalen Chase, who might be familiar through his work with Vimic and Korn, announces his new single and solo effort, "Good Things,” which features Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls on drums, available June 26, 2020. Though it's a departure from his metal roots, the track serves as a crossover to his singer/songwriter project and will cater to both dedicated fans and new fans of the novel sound.


In 2006, Chase joined Korn on tour, primarily on backing vocals, and can be heard and seen in the MTV Unplugged: Korn, released in 2007, where he was featured playing an exotic array of instruments. He remained with Korn – often seen as The White Rabbit – until 2008. Additionally, he has worked extensively in the studio providing backing vocals for artists including 10 Years, Pop Evil, Dragonforce and singing on the Lego Batman movie soundtrack. While working with Korn, Chase fronted the band The Changing, where he collaborated again with Jonathan Davis on single Jerry Bruckheimer. His career in metal would continue as the lead vocalist for the band Superfix, before joining forces with Joey Jordison (formerly of Slipknot) as the lead vocalist for Vimic in 2016.

Kalen Chase is a rare breed. With a unique sound and striking appearance, he immediately demands attention. Born in Southern California and growing up in Washington state until his dream of becoming a lumberjack were dashed to the ground, this singer, songwriter, guitar-player, and producer has already toured the world with major performing acts.

Now, Chase has embarked on a new path, building upon his singer-songwriter roots, hard rock persona, and production experience to create a sound of his own. His contagious energy and stage presence captivates the room. His percussive delivery and sweet but cynical lyrics naturally draw an audience to join in harmony.

Chase previously released “ When the Sun Comes Up,” which was written, recorded, and released amid the COVID-19 pandemic to inspire a little hope in all the madness. Chase originals, “While You Hide,” “Dear God,” and “All in All” can be found on collaboration project HiFi Americana, released in March 2020. Kalen currently resides in Los Angeles, where he finished recording “Good Things.”

Stay tuned for more from Kalen Chase as 2020 progresses. In the meantime, check out “Good Things” out everywhere June 26!

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