In the beginning of March, legendary British metal gods, Judas Priest released their 18th studio record entitled, Firepower. The album comes four years after their previous release Redeemer of Souls and without a doubt has excited Priest fans all across the globe. The current line-up and personnel of the album include iconic vocalist Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner (who without a doubt is a standout replacement for original member KK Downing, and does the Priest classics justice) on guitar, Ian Hill on bass, and Scott Travis on drums. Producer Tom Allom, producer of many classic Priest records, re-joined with Priest for the first time since 1988’s Ram It Down, and helped create a masterpiece that made the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame sorry that they yet again missed a chance to induct one of the greatest heavy metal acts around.

It was devastating news to learn of Glenn Tipton’s diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease which he has been dealing with for about a decade. The disease led to his retirement from touring, announced sadly right before the beginning of the tour in support of the record with Black Star Riders and Saxon. But, Glenn Tipton has once again played his heart out and given Priest fans new killer riffs and licks to enjoy and has even made a couple of appearances on some stops of the tour. (We are all wishing you well, Glenn!)

If you’re an active member in the heavy metal community, both online and off, you would know that Firepower is without a doubt one of the greatest metal releases of the year thus far, reaching number five on the Billboard 200 Chart within the first week of it’s release. The record without a doubt encapsulates a modern sound while also keeping Priest’s classic metal identity intact. The album is filled with both heavy and extremely rhythmic licks, and thrilling solos by both Tipton and Faulkner seen within the title track of the record, and fan favorite ‘Lightning Strikes.’ Of course, the incredible instrumentations from Tipton and Faulkner are paired with Halford’s class vocal tone helping to once again create the Priest sound that fans know and love. Along with the remarkable vocals and burning guitar riffs, Scott Travis does an exceptional job on drums, creating a powerful and heavy foundation for the songs to be built upon. Ian Hill also does his part, and well. The bass is still extremely prevalent and present even with the domination of Priest’s heavy guitars.


1. Firepower

2. Lightning Strike

3. Evil Never Dies

4. Never The Heroes

5. Necromancer

6. Children of the Sun

7. Guardians

8. Rising From Ruins

9. Flame Thrower

10. Spectre

11. Traitors Gate

12. No Surrender

13. Lone Wolf

14. Sea of Red

Another incredibly true statement that I have read in other numerous reviews for the record is that it is consistently good. There are hardly any low spots on this entire record, which makes for a remarkable listening session. For metal bands like Judas Priest, it’s incredibly hard for fans to be as thrilled with modern records as they are with the band’s classic records; in this case British Steel, Screaming For Vengeance, or Defenders of The Faith. But, Judas Priest without a doubt created an album that was up to par and has shown everyone (I don’t think there was really any doubt), that Judas Priest has still got it.

Some of my personal favorites off the album would probably have to be ‘Never The Heroes’, ‘Children of the Sun’, and of course the fan favorites like ‘Lightning Strikes’ and the title track, ‘Firepower.’

What are your favorites from Judas Priest’s new record? Be sure to leave a comment and let us at MA Entertainment Global know!

Also, be sure to catch Judas Priest on tour in support of their new record. It was just announced the guys will be hitting the road with the one and only Deep Purple this summer! Be sure to check http://judaspriest.com/tour/ for Priest’s upcoming dates. You don’t wanna miss this!

This record gets a solid 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼.5 from me.

Sydney Taylor

IG: @sydneytaylorofficial

Twitter: @STaylorOfficial


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