JOHN 5 & The Creatures

At Harlow’s in Sacramento, CA.


I first learned of JOHN 5 when he joined DAVID LEE ROTH’s band as the replacement for the ailing JASON BECKER. With the lineage of guitarists within Roth’s Ranks, and needless to say but will, it was apparent that John 5 would have the skills to pay some bills. In fact, after his stint with MARILYN MANSON and currently in ROB ZOMBIE, it’s hard to decipher his full artistic merit within the confines of those two artists. But one listen to any of his instrumental solo tracks and it’s apparent of his skill set as a guitarist.

Tonight at Harlow’s in Sacramento, and thanks to the good folks at Adrenaline PR, I was able to catch this solo set and HOT DAMN! With tracks like Making Monsters, Black Grass Plague, and Hell Haw, it’s apparent the mastery in which Senor Cinco possesses. His fluidity to run scales, arpeggios, or even try something in an open E Major tuning for Behind The Nut Love it’s enough to make the average guitarist get 1) inspired or 2) give up. Yes, he’s that incredible! Throughout this tour John has brought up special guests and tonight was no different bringing up his brother GARY HOLT (EXODUS, SLAYER) but it was their song selection of Enter Sandman from METALLICA that might have people perplexed or maybe it’s because there’s some truth in that song was actually stolen from Exodus or maybe it made more sense because there is a memorable vocal line that was easily adapted to guitar.

Take the make up or leave it, it just enhances the show in my eyes and knowing his affection for KISS it’s much a nod to that era of music rather than his last two bands. Masks, Makeup, Lights, guitar changes, etc., it’s all a part of the show! With this string of dates, he’s doing up to 11 shows in a row and it’s all done with passion and pleasure. John 5 loves what he does and sharing his crafted art with the world is a blessing and we are better for hearing what he has to offer! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘



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