Jesse Snider – "King of Kings" Show Whisky a Go Go

Hollywood, Ca

July 21, 2018

Jesse Snider… Father, Son… Oh wait I was about to go down a totally different road with that… Let me get back on track… He is a father… He is the son of one of music’s most identifiable faces… He is an award winning producer, song writer, vocalist, artist, and… Well I only know him so well, but I am sure there are more! He is a creative dynamo; his energy seems boundless on and off the stage. He is always on though, running from one place to the next… Even when he is not about to perform in front of the Ultimate Jam Night weekly crowd or in this case his very own show which featured some stellar cameos.

Jesse put this show on for a very specific reason… To promote a seven long year, emotional adventure creating his very first full color graphic novel, King of Kings, featuring some comic book heavy weights and to thank all those that had supported him during some trying times the past year. The show also had a no so hidden Easter egg… For those of us who got there early we were treated to some serious “ear candy” an exclusive first listen to, Dee Snider’s upcoming album, “For the Love Of Metal”. To get to hear it on a sound system like the Whisky’s only made Dee’s newest release that much more epic sounding.

Jesse has been in the business for quite some time and knows how to put on a show, bringing together artist, such as Dee Snider (Twisted Sister. Widow Maker), Ira Black (I Am Morbid, Dokken), Cherokee Fortune, Adi Argelazi, Jerry Montano (Danzig, Hell Yeah), and others. He began the evening with some documentary video and story telling, while the crowd began to fill the Whisky A Go Go’s bottom floor. By the time Jesse hit the stage the mezzanine’s banister was crowded with eager music fans. Since this was a concert; music did eventually began to replace the sound of story telling and the crowd ate up the opening band, Fall of Silence. A number of musicians from this band acted as Jesse’s live band. The band themselves are from Northern California are about to embark on a trip to Nashville Tn. to make some of their own music magic.

Jesse was ready to go, even donning his, I would assume, fairly accurate Jesus apparel if Jesus rocked Levis that is; which included the Crown of Thorns made by his talented mother. Jesse had a full-blown rock show planned for all of us in attendance and that is what we got. Stories, like every good artist, were mixed in between head pounding rock, metal, and because Jesse is such a talented songwriter music that just worked!

MAentGlobal has had the a bunch of chances to catch Jesse sing covers in short doses… This was the first time we got to see Jesse command the stage and not be rushed on or off the stage. He did not disappoint MA or the crowd. The Whisky A Go Go floor remained crowded and energized the entire evening. Jesse was cool enough to have music available to anyone who wanted to pick it up. He crosses genres with ease and MA looks forward to hearing, seeing, and eventually reading more from this multi talented artist. Go out and support his King of King's endeavor from what was shared with us, the short documentary it will entertain even the most skeptical of readers. It is creative and well done, support your local artists in anyway you can!!! You can catch him at least once a month at the weekly Ultimate Jam Night on Tuesdays at the Whisky. It’s free to get in… Will only cost you two drinks… How easy is that!

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